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Hey I don't usually announce streams on Mastodon but starting RIGHT THIS SECOND me, and Miguel who made They Bleed Pixels, and Christine who made Digital and Analogue, and our friend Parrish are gonna be streaming Nintendo's bizarre five screen game experiment Four Swords Adventures and I'm excite. We'll have a GBA cam. U should watch, using the Internet

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"Let's find out what the squirt of 10 is."


I take solace in the fact that at least NOP wound up being an "unlucky 13". An unlucky hex, that is

Update: It's now been explained to me I misread the meaning of "OP-IMM" in this table, and actually RISC-V intentionally defines 0x0 to be an illegal instruction (for safety—so if you execute uninitialized memory you know immediately) and NOP is actually 0x13. (OP-IMM is 0x10, ORed with 0x3, the code for "standard 32-bit instruction space".)

This makes sense, but part of me is sad NOP is so arbitrary. It would have been so cool if they'd found an excuse to make 0x0 be illegal and 0x1 be NOP.

@cinebox Yes but you can also write to it and it's like /dev/null, any value is discarded

RISCV spec: We canonically define the NOP as being 32 bits all zeroes, but this coincidentally happens to be the encoding for "add 0 to register 0".

ME: ** Cheering, just goes fuckin nuts **

@emaytch i used to have a project of making wikipedia pages for trans politicians and then they all became magnets for deadnames and i wish i'd never tried. i made these people's lives worse by putting them on wikipedia

@ehashman It is possible I got locked out due to my attempts to work around the design

We are doing to watch "Patlabor" now. I am excited

@mcc I maybe wouldn't REALLY mind abruptly getting kicked off Twitter if it weren't that I have a lot of content on there I want a durable record of, and the "we email you an archive" feature hasn't worked for me since like… year three

I guess I have been banned from Twitter. When I go to all I get is this screen. I do not want to give them a phone number so maybe I am just banned?

The screen before this one said that I was displaying "robot like behavior". There was no explanation of what this meant. I wonder if I am in trouble for using a fake User Agent string to force the old Twitter design.

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the dev in charge of the AHL app is sending out push notifications about the money he is owed for working on the app because his employer decided not to pay

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