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@adamk678 ok but i want/need a replacement for twitter or at least Twitter 2013 so if Mastodon can't be that thing then I want to start exploring technologies which can

@lavender sure, but it doesn't seem hard to make that a feature you can turn on and off?

@deejoe You can automate notification of a move, and you can give people the option to automate responding to such notifications by automatically refollowing.

Mastodon apparently has the ability to mass-DM people now. One solution would just be a slightly glossier UX over that feature that acknowledges this isn't a DM, it's a system message, like a follow request.

@passcod that sounds hard.

backing up and restoring is hard but i feel like the solution to THAT is to just make an automated tool / standalone separate site.

@lavender that's pretty cool, it would be nice if the instances could automatically interpret the DM and do [[something]] with it.

@meena apparently i am not as widely hated as rudy giuliani. do i need to work on that

@shaderphantom So consider the idea of a Bitcoin wallet— most people can't keep track of that private key, so sites exist that hold a private key for you. this is an example of *a* solution to a problem like this.

@jbradfield So imagine there's some way of registering a public key that you later cash in on to say "that site? that was me. this is me now". Or a centralized site that tracks "A moved to B". There's no really *good* options but there's 100% options.

@shaderphantom What if you had to opt-in, so people can choose between "what if the instance shuts down" vs "what if hax"? You set a "this account may at some point in the future migrate, here's my public signing key" flag or something.

@shaderphantom Sure, so now you just have an authentication problem. Consult the entire history of cryptography and see if any existing solutions for this problem are worth their downsides.

@iiogama @ChrisTalleras @iiogama What happens to the people who were following your old account? Anything automatic, or do they have to click and see this notification?

@ChrisWere @ChrisTalleras I can imagine a radio button in your account settings:

If one of my follows switches instances:
* Automatically refollow
* Prompt me and ask if I should refollow
* Don't refollow

A few people have let me know instances now have features for backing-up and importing old toots and follows— okay, if that's automatable, that's a fix for half the problem, cool! But there needs to be some idiom for pushing to your ex-followers "@mcc is now", and have instances know they need to either correct the follow or present a "refollow?" popup.

(And unfortunately, there probably needs to be a way of taking that back, because this is a security attack surface the size of Alaska.)

@ChrisTalleras should be some way to do the reverse tho. an automatic forward pointer for your followers

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