i am become mother, hugger of smalls, supporter of also smalls

today i wore a flowery dress, cooked things i was happy with, and prayed. was nice

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gross but also friendship 

covid kinda 

it's illegal to have a loud party under me while im trying to watch star trek in bed alone

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My favourite star, we talk a lot at night during Kasia time

no we can't watch any of the films in my harry potter collection, because my harry potter film collection has no films in it, and that's the way it's going to stay

if you shit in the piss bucket you can't complain if i throw you out of the gamer room

Are they talking about zebra crossings or pelican crossings or what

selfie, eye contact 

klingons are called that because they never leave parties when it's at the end, they just sit around and ask for more snacks

mum: we have toxic nut juice at home

toxic nut juice at home: why was i created

a teen boy in an expensive leather jacket asking his punk gone lawyer dad about the sex he had in the 70s

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