Google people listen to private recordings from around your house – to me this is obvious: there will be times when you unintentionally say the hot word or something like it and it will start recording. On my iPhone I can start playback by pressing a button on the headphones. Half the time Siri starts up even though I disabled it. All those seconds are getting sent to Apple, surely. There, it sounds like garbage so every now and then somebody will have to check whether it is Swiss German or not.

Also, let me say this: the webpages of the independent are shite! Half the page on my phone was covered by a video that didn’t scroll off and that I couldn’t immediately close. Uuuugh. Ads nosed with the content, multiple times. A battered face right in the middle of it all. Nope nope nope. 👎


@kensanata Id say Business Insider is worse. It redirects with stubbornness of a maniac from US version to regional without noticing that in that version the article don't exist, just to show me a 404 page telling me that.

@mcevnon Haha, the person working on content negotiation was so excited about the feature they added it without wondering whether anybody else was ready!

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