@pla Yeah we were very sad to see the dead bird.

@pla Unfortunately a cat killed one of the parents and the nest was abandoned.

Not sure of the plant, but I love it’s flowers. They grow down from the main branches on tiny sticks, then bloom on the end.

Today is the first day of “stay the heck indoors” season.

accessibility, Apple 

@devinprater This is great to here. Glad Apple continues to improve this.

@pla YTM is a disaster. Moved to Apple Music a couple of years ago when Google deprecated GTM. It really is the closest thing to GPM. Streaming service + music locker for your own music.

@sean Remember the Path app? My dream is a Path like app frontend for AP.

@pla Looks hazy here but nothing amazing. Sunsets have been great tho.

Apparently air quality is down here today due to dust from the Saharan desert. You can see the haze from the dust in the air and beautiful sunsets.

Yard work done! Time for a beer and some tunes.

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