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How to revisit a beloved Sci-fi franchise, Picard.

How not to, Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Have been reading a bunch of posts about how the current forced work from home will help push companies into supporting more of it. Some of that may happen, but I think what we will see a lot more of is, folks getting a taste of what it’s like and seeking out more distributed work.

Another view of this thing I posted a while back. Seems appropriate for vision.


I’ve got nothing for this one, have a doughnut.


My dads 40+ year old shortwave radio. When I was a kid, I loved to play with it and listen to the strange sounds and foreign voices it would pick up.

This coffee shop mural has a lot going on.

Marks on the wall, tracking the growth progress of our youngest.

These turtles are way more aggressive for food than you’d expect. Rather hard to oppose them.

I guess a giant glass of ice tea may count as cool.

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