I'm barely here, and I mean that in every sense.

*evanesces away*

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i came here to do two things. chew bubble gum, and

Generally speaking, most mammals are colorblind. Not in the sense that they see in greyscale, but in the sense that they are dichromatic in the same way dogs are-- able to see violet, blue, green and yellow, but not ultraviolet or deep red. This is likely because the first mammals lived nocturnally in burrows, to hide from dinosaurs which they shared a planet with at the time. The surviving dinosaurs by contrast, aka birds, have 4 color receptors, and can see considerably more into the UV spectrum than we as humans can.

This is hypothesized to be the reason that so many bird species are so much more colorful than mammals, by and large, whereas birds often take vibrant hues and variable shades, it is very rare to find a mammal species with any variety of colors that aren't a shade of brown, black, white, or yellow. Primates are the odd ones out among mammals, as we have a 3rd color receptor. Some primates have very vibrant colored testicles, really breaking with the mammal mold.

the war on queer history is constant and ongoing. from the moment you're born there's a cishet following you with an eraser

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Actually, arguments in favour of "economy of form" which demand that media such as albums, films, books not "waste the audience's time" buys into the commodification of every aspect of existence by capitalism. Art should not subscribe to this commodification: it should resist it. So fill your novels with as many digressions, your movies with as many lingering shots and unnecessary scenes, your albums with as much filler as you feel like doing. I will be happy to waste that time with you.

peter jackson: gandolf needs to be huge , and frodo needs to be small. ian please stand near the camera at all times. elijah drink this potion i made in my car

I went up to my best friend in my sophomore year of college crying being like "im proud but I still wish I was straight I just think everything would be easier" and she was like "ok but then you would have to spend so much time around a man" and she was right and being gay fuckin slaps

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imagine showing up late for cavalry practice and u forgot your horse. having to use one of the sweaty stretched-out horses from the lost and found box. i’d be mortified

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"oh you're back early"
"bussy haunted"
"bussy haunted" grabs a bad dragon with holy water based lube

Real Took a day off because I stayed up late watching the Oscars & now can't get out of bed Hours. Who up?

I know I'm barely here, bit merry chrimbo and I adore you all. Xx

fun fact: the german article “die” is read by most english trained algorithms as "die"

this legitimately means you can get a 12 hour ban for talking about "the boomers" auf deutsch on birdsite

Today's gender is concernedness and the smell of an old book.

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