Today's gender is concernedness and the smell of an old book.

The gender of the day is a cheerful nightingale.

Yeah, I'm hardly ever here, but I'm glad you're all as frikkin weird as ever. 💜

HOW CRYPTIDS IS PORTRAYED: a dark forest where one wrong step leads to monsters dragging you beneath a mess of vines
THE CRYPTIDS LOCAL TIMELINE: what if Hulk Hogan cucked the Mothman... does the Mothman have a wife? can he be cucked?

Who decided to call it questioning your gender and not being a

The gender today is the smell of leather and bread baking.

george lucas publicly states the original 35mm master of episode iv is lost because "some jackass tried to play it in a betamax machine"

POSEIDON: *looking at watch* ah shit, it’s been fun but I just realized I gotta be somewhere

ME: Well you better…

( •_•)>⌐■-■

…get Kraken

POSEIDON: *literally puts me on a boat out at sea just so he can drown me*

In order to preserve the mediated definition of existence first the artist must untangle the space devoid of context.

Psychology is the science of how the brains of white males living in the vicinity of academic institutions work

Every time a duck quacks they're saying "fuck"

i want a really big dog i can ride around on like he-man on battlecat.

What the fuck is it with wanking into socks? Can't you use a blancmange like a normal person?

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