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I am the official architecture critic of this website

im going to use this space to talk about internet art and mouth off

i had like 50 alts on here and they all had different passwords

do i understand what pgp is? no. do i want to feel good at computer? yes

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i sometimes boot into tails just to type an email or something because im addicted to that fresh install feeling

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i am desperate to talk to anyone and everyone about this project which is consuming my brain

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also i was supposed to get a HUGE bird tattoo june 1st and thats not happening now :(

some updates:
- i married my bf in november
- my hair is long now thanks to the Bad Thing
- sometimes i boot my windows pc into tails just for the thrill of it

pros: good opsec
cons: lost password
pros: took a shower and remembered password in the shower after an entire year
cons: whats going on lol

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ive learned 1 (one) line of css and this is what happens

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my entire masto tl is eugen retoots where did everyone go

hi everyone sorry i lost the password for this account

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sorry been destroying my brain on the bad site for a bit but I'm back now bc the DSA discourse is melting my psyche

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