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I learned 5 hours of HTML on CodeAcademy and used those skills to make this slightly eldritch conceptual writing project:

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im at now thanks to my friend @selontheweb ! you can find me at!

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I am the official architecture critic of this website

also microblogging but like not under the thumb of a tech giant how about that??

I have a special love for plants that flower at/close to midwinter. This is my streptocarpus "Crystal Ice".

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EDWARD SNOWMAN look out the hotel window at the bussy city. He see's the ppopel moving thru Honk Kong like little points ofg data on the network or some frickin nerd shit like that. He take him glasses off and sheind a tear.

Looks lik ebeing freaking epic,..... has come at a cost

SNWOMAN walk to his bedsite dable. He plug in Amazon Alexa..... one last time.

Alexa...... play in my feelings by drake

my oc is a blue hedgehog who can run really fast his name is speedy

Attention: look at how cute my new cross stitch scissors are 🤓

If cis het men don’t recommend a podcast and specific brand of pale ale to someone by 2pm each day they combust

In all seriousness, I had debilitating carpal tunnel in my left wrist that forced me to quit playing music and into physical therapy. There was a time where even turning doorknobs was painful. After two years of healing, the fact that I can haul my ass up even an intro level rock wall means a lot to me

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under socialism we will all be swole (an ideological tendency known as swolecialism)

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