"we don't build em like we used to"
"yeah they used slaves and asbestos back then"

@mcmansionhell I'm very interested in the progress they're making with 3-D printing houses. They managed an 800 square foot house in 3 days in Austin a year or so ago. Could lead to an astonishing proliferation of both good and bad designs.

@mithriltabby @mcmansionhell I always wonder how they can get away with that in building codes.

However, I'm also told that US building codes are a lot looser then in Canada? (I know someone who tried to build a house in the states, and used a standard Canadian blueprint, and was told by the property assessor the market wouldn't support all the structural improvements in it. The only one I remember is in the US you can use cinderblock basements, whereas in Canada you can't?

@Canageek @mithriltabby @mcmansionhell Fire safety codes are stricter in the US. In Canada you can do something called scissor stairs in tall buildings; in the US it's no longer allowed. There's a blog post on letsgola.wordpress.com comparing high-rise construction in LA and Vancouver, finding Vancouver more efficient.

@mithriltabby @mcmansionhell @Alon Interesting. The comparison I heard was about houses, not high -rises, and was about rural Alberta Vs rural Wisconsin (if I'm remembering right).

Looking at the building features mentioned is interesting. Yeah, you don't often have a separate lobby around the elevator. However, of never heard of pin stairs before- the standard I've seen is one staircase on either side of the building ( limited experience though)

@mithriltabby @mcmansionhell @Alon garbage chutes though? I thought those where long gone mb Everyone I know in an apt building is expected to carry it it themselves!

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