Also next Friday I'm doing a dramatic hair thing

I'd switch instances but I tried to get a bofa account, couldn't figure it out, and got scared.

Saying a woman calling a man "little bitch" is homophobic is kind of uh, really ignoring a big segment of the population there

Speaking of which, book riot is doing a fall readathon the last week of September. It's not a 24 hour type readathon and sounds fun! I'll post about it again closer to the date.

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There's a book mastodon and it's just me

I am having a bad brain night and feelin bad about it!!!!!


......can someone catch me up on the wilw stuff

Birdsite, politics 

It is extremely unsettling to tweet about things I like (I have been making myself only tweet about positive experiences to try and cope with....everything) and then seeing my tweet, sandwiched inbetween tweets linking articles about how ICE killed a child. I feel like a piece of shit.

I added more books to my library hold list, ensuring I won't be able to read a book I've bought until 2019.

The coffee and a classic box was awesome. I highly recommend it to nerds.

I was super tempted to bring my gaming laptop to the trip but I have decided to be Responsible and read my pile of library books during my downtime. I have two already and uhhhhh five available soon. lol

My favorite part of any fail video compilation is all the dogs who run up to their owners with toys when their owners fall down

I have packed my suitcase and I am Excited

I've got a lot of free time in Nashville tomorrow if anyone has recommendations!

I'm going to nashville and I'm extremely excited to get out of the smoke. And into a waffle house.

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