The Voyager 1 spacecraft, 7.25 million miles away and speeding towards Jupiter, looked homeward in 1977 and captured the first picture of the whole Earth and Moon together in the same frame.
Image: NASA / JPL

Twelve-and-a-half years passed between this view of the Earth and Moon in a single frame, and Sagan and colleagues thinking to turn Voyager 1’s cameras back towards Earth to capture a solar system mosaic that included the Pale Blue Dot photo.
Images: NASA / JPL

So yes, by all means, if you are a billionaire who can make it happen, please send artists to the moon. Send poets, painters, and writers. Send folks who’ll see the moon growing large, the Earth small and flawless, and find perspectives that frame our place in the vast, lonesome cosmos.

@mcnees It’s always surprising how not very far it looks from the Earth to the Moon. And that takes several days to cross. Damn.

@mcnees Tangentally relevant, there's a bit in here of Sagan talking about Voyager:

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