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Universal Basic Income is Silicon Valley’s latest scam...
The plan is no gift to the masses, but a tool for our further enslavement.

UBI is not the patch we need. A weekly handout doesn’t promote economic equality — much less empowerment. The only meaningful change we can make to the economic operating system is to distribute ownership, control, and governance of the real world to the people who live in it.


#Bitcoin must die


If Bitcoin were to cease trading tomorrow, 0.5% of the world’s electricity demand would simply disappear. This is roughly equivalent to the output of ten coal-fired power plants, emitting 50 million tonnes of CO2 per year – which would cover one year’s worth of the carbon emission cuts required to limit temperature rises this century to 2C.



#ClimateChange #CryptoCurrency

pour ceux qui s'intéressent aux ratés de la techologie et à l'envers de ses promesses, je recommande le magazine "Logic", avec par exemple un très bon article qui revient sur la promesse de faire disparaitre les jobs (logicmag.io/05-the-automation-) ou sur les limites de l'IA (logicmag.io/01-interview-with-) logicmag.io/

@mcpaccard and finally, I muted group conversations with 2+friends : those are usually not important. The only notifications remaining are one-to-one chats with close ones (and even with this limited case, I find myself checking my phone more than I should...).

@mcpaccard I realized that nothing was as urgent as what I'm living in the instant, and I feel like I'm not less reliable than before : I still check my phone several times an hour so I can just call back usually

RT de Emily Angelopoulos :

Philippe Bihouix
"Une civilisation durable ne peut pas être une civilisation de la voiture"
[L'Humanité - 12/10/2018]
Cc @APEnvironnement ;-)

It’s important that I pause and analyse my feelings towards the tools I use and how they impact my life. I’ve tried to notice when I was feeling stressed because of notifications or social media pressure and how I could soothe this stress down with a few tweaks.

The only remaining sound notifications are: phone, Whatsapp and Signal. Mail is silent but still shows the number of undread ones, even if I’m thinking about disabling that soon. All other apps are silent / not showing anything.

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A quiet Saturday morning = perfect time to rearrange my homescreen. Got rid of Twitter and Instagram, they are now hidden in a folder on page 2. May delete them someday soon. I noticed that I‘ve not used them much lately, Twitter is an endless pit of anxiety and bad news anyway, and Instagram is just ads now. Amaroq stays, Headspace is back. The only app to still show notifications is Mail. I got rid of my Gmail account on here too.

Une réflexion pertinente de @gchampeau sur l’accélération de nos communications et les réponses aliénantes et inquiétantes qu’y apporte notamment Google en proposant à ses AI de les gérer à notre place. champeau.info/blog/2018/10/12/

"An Update on the Security Issue" I'm sorry did you mean "More Information About Our Bug That Let Attackers Steal Information From 15 Million Of Our Users"

la prolifération bactériologique et leur résistance accrue aux traitements dût au réchauffement climatique n'est pas médiatisé.
Pas important par rapport aux autres dangers ou nouvelle bombe à retardement ?

Tu veux participer au projet d' @arn_fai pour construire un réseau internet neutre par wifi 📶 à travers les fenêtres et balcons à #Strasbourg ? Inscrit-toi sur : wifi.arn-fai.net/map/

+d'info : arn-fai.net/acces-haut-debit-s

Une idée géniale et un projet important : il est temps que nous nous ré-approprions la technique et la capacité de créer des réseaux indépendants. Qui sait si une telle initiative existe à Lyon ?


Does anybody know if there's good resources (from zines, longreads, to scientific papers) conceptualizing system administration from a marxist-feminist point of view? I have had a gut feeling for years that the production/reproduction distinction w/ everything that comes along with that (invisible labor, entitled attitudes by those in "production", ...) could be a suitable framework for analyzing the (social) problems we face in our workplaces, but don't have the resources to develop a theory on that on my own...

boosts appreciated :)

Hey ! Ce soir, mes compères et moi présentons le programme de la conférence 2018 qui aura lieu les 24 et 25 octobre prochains. Si vous avez envie de préparer votre venue et d'avoir un avant-goût du programme , venez dès 18h30 à la Tour du Web : meetup.com/fr-FR/La-Tour-du-We

"We Believe Survivors."

Someone bought BrettKavanaugh.com and created a website for sexual assault survivors...


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