Vous avez cinq petites minutes devant vous ? Donnez-moi votre avis sur les thèmes et fournisseurs d'électricité / gaz !

Dans le cadre d'une de mes missions de recherche, voici un questionnaire que je vous serais reconnaissante de remplir et/ou diffuser autour de vous. Merci !


Pour construire un nouveau mode de civilisation plus juste et responsable, il faut lâcher prise et accueillir des changements radicaux. Il y a donc forcément une composante spirituelle à la #collapsologie. godsandradicals.org/2016/12/15

"La climatisation a modifié où et comment nous construisons nos villes. Ses effets sont sociaux, culturaux et géopolitiques."

Une excellente lecture (en anglais) sur les changements profonds dans l'architecture, l'urbanisme, la société et la gestion du micro-climat depuis l'avènement de la climatisation.

Mastodon: Your DMs can be read by the admin(s) on your specific instance.

Twitter: Your DMs can be read by the entire Twitter Corporation.

Bon, et vous faites quoi avec l'effondrement qui est là ? Je vous recommande vivement de lire Dmitry Orlov, Pablo Servigne, Gauthier Chappelle, Raphaël Stevens, Bill Mollison, les publications de Adrastia, de visionner @thinkerview et d'apprendre un maximum de choses pour gagner en résilience, et en indépendance. De moins / plus consommer. De tisser des liens sociaux forts et locaux. Et surtout de laisser tomber ce qui n'en vaut pas la peine. (Et encore plein d'autres choses...)

Last week, I wrote a small piece based on my experience with tips & tricks useful to offboard from a design position.
Exit talks with your colleagues, what to bring with you, project documentation: let's share our tips to learn more about ourselves and keep track of our projects! 👍

Brand is a marketing construct of reforming social worth into financial gain. An aspect of capitalism that we endure.

Welcome new people! :blobcheer: 👏 👋

Some useful #Mastodon features you might not know about:

Delete & Redraft - Click on the ... under your posts.

Tools to move instances - octodon.social/@schlink/100561

Block particular instances -

Image Descriptions - mastodon.social/@LiamErven/100

RSS Feeds - mastodon.at/@switchingsocial/1

Undocumented keyboard shortcuts - tootplanet.space/@YacYac/10055

Don't need link shorteners - mastodon.social/@jond/10054927

...any others to share?

#Community #MastoTips

Right! Yet Another Switch To Mastodon Guide with a few tricsk that helped me get my head around the conceptual nuances on here. Spread the word to anyone in need! French translation coming soon. mcpaccard.com/en/articles/twit

Hello new folks moving to Mastodon: If you can, look at hosting your own instance (either just for yourself or maybe for you and your family).

@mastohost is awesome

(@indie and @laura are both hosted there and I will move my own self-hosted instance there when I get a moment)

Remember: the more instances there are, the stronger the fediverse is. And wouldn’t it be nice for you to be the one making the rules, exactly as you want them, instead of Jack or some mini-Jack (an instance admin?) ;)

"But at least, they're permitted." —> Until when, that's the real question.

How to (really) stop Google from tracking your location history

"If you think you’ve asked Google to stop tracking you, you probably haven’t. This explains how to do it for real (best we can tell) and delete history as well. Google makes these settings hard to find, but at least they’re permitted." via Wired UK and Barton Gellman

Hey if you’re planning to make your own mastodon/pleroma/remember gnu social? instance that’s amazing and godspeed! If you want to make it open registrations, all the best to you - but please don’t only think about how many users your server can handle, but also, how many _you_ can handle, and find moderators and co-admins you trust!

I have a bunch of friends from Twitter joining Mastodon tonight so I made a quick guide to how the site works. Making it public so anyone can see/boost it if it's helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

« Mastodon can feel like a return to another time, when the web was small and it felt possible to actually have an impact on the websites we use every day. But it’s also a glimpse into the post-Twitter future that we need, if we want to have control over our data, our minds, and our public discourse. »
Thanks @teaneedz for the good read!

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