If anyone knows how to hide or disable Gmail’s answer suggestions, they would make my day. 1/ they creep me out 2/ I don’t need to be suggested that crap.

@mcpaccard It seems like you can't do it on desktop, only on mobile.

@mcpaccard On mobile, go to :
> Burger menu
> Settings
> Choose an account (if you have several)
> Uncheck "Smart Reply "

@caillou @kfinity thanks pals! Unfortunately, I'm using the web version. Should have mentioned it in my initial toot. Seems there's no option to disable it there ಠ_ಠ

Ah mais t'es française ! :D

J'ai carrément trouvé des gens qui confirment que ça n'existe pas : productforums.google.com/forum

@caillou haha oui, pardon :D c'est quand même fou que des designers aient pris la décision de simplement interdire une fonctionnalité.

@mcpaccard In mobile app, menu > settings > your email address > uncheck "Smart Reply"

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