A quiet Saturday morning = perfect time to rearrange my homescreen. Got rid of Twitter and Instagram, they are now hidden in a folder on page 2. May delete them someday soon. I noticed that I‘ve not used them much lately, Twitter is an endless pit of anxiety and bad news anyway, and Instagram is just ads now. Amaroq stays, Headspace is back. The only app to still show notifications is Mail. I got rid of my Gmail account on here too.

At the end of the exhibition, visitors were offered the chance to share how it had inspired them to act. Here are two of the many contributions, as well as mine as pic number 3 ^^

Madeline Linford was the first female editor at the Manchester Guardian and paved the way for other women to enter journalism and have a say.

Many women did indeed shape Manchester, but also the world. Breakthroughs in politics, education, health...

Enriqueta Rylands was the richest woman of the city and had the John Rylands Library built and opened in 1899, in an unexpectedly underdeveloped area which became the business district today.

Museum time! Manchester’s John Rylands library is holding an exhibit called « Women who shaped Manchester ». Live toot incoming!

Trémargat, village breton « scruté par des cabinets d’experts » simplement parce qu’il s’y pratique solidarité, résilience et entraide...

Via @oncletom@framapiaf.org @isa_attard @WillyLegatelois

— Ivan Illich, La convivialité — un essai critique sur la société industrielle, le productivisme et le culte de la croissance.

Merci @Liut pour le conseil, le texte commence fort.

Big Monday! Thrilled to kick off the first week of CREA Genève Master executives’ year, hand in hand with sprint master @SlaapMe who crafted an exciting full week of . It’s briefing time:

En 2018, il existe des entreprises qui laissent volontairement ce genre d’imagerie sur leurs produits (machines à café). Je ne serais pas très fière de mon business si j’étais eux.

Cadeau : 20 secondes d’attente de bus. Comment ne pas être convaincu-e-s que ce monde va s’effondrer.

Bravo à Yannick Bailly du collectif Item pour cette superbe plaquette du Rize, lieu culturel dynamique à Villeurbanne. Quel jaune, mais quel jaune !

Et hop ! Ce soir on a fait de la conception lors du lyonnais chez @Framasoft : divergence, besoins, cas d’usage... Le design ce n’est pas sale 😛

Merci à toutes et tous les participant-es !

ReToot Becbecliuliu@twitter.com « This tech bro’s response to what the tech industry can do to help fight climate change... exemplifies everything wrong about the culture to a tee (found in @nplusonemag) »

Can’t agree more. For way too many techbros, « Elon Musk » became a magic mantra infested with all the most twisted fantasies about our future and our survival. Appalling.

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