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"We Believe Survivors."

Someone bought and created a website for sexual assault survivors...


Un seul graphique suffit pour comprendre pourquoi cette tribune de "chercheurs" est absurde et dangereuse : stigmatiser les plus pauvres - qui ne sont pas responsables du réchauffement mais le subissent de plein fouet - plutôt que pointer la responsabilité des plus riches.

At the end of the exhibition, visitors were offered the chance to share how it had inspired them to act. Here are two of the many contributions, as well as mine as pic number 3 ^^

Madeline Linford was the first female editor at the Manchester Guardian and paved the way for other women to enter journalism and have a say.

Many women did indeed shape Manchester, but also the world. Breakthroughs in politics, education, health...

Enriqueta Rylands was the richest woman of the city and had the John Rylands Library built and opened in 1899, in an unexpectedly underdeveloped area which became the business district today.

Museum time! Manchester’s John Rylands library is holding an exhibit called « Women who shaped Manchester ». Live toot incoming!

Hey mastofriends! I’m currently using to crosspost from Mastodon to Twitter (yes, I want to keep my followers around there and help the ones who would like to migrate to Mastodon). But it’s not granular enough regarding options. I’d like to be able to post from here to Twitter with a hashtag for instance, or post only URLs of my toots on Twitter (adding a bit of friction to make it easier heee and more annoying on Twitter 😛). Can you recommend other crossposting tools?

Régulation des contenus : quelles obligations pour les géants du Web ?

Il y a 10 jours, nous proposions de distinguer le statut juridique des hébergeurs et des géants. Dans cette tribune, Arthur suggère de premières pistes pour définir ce second statut.

Linzy Lab wrote and performed this song that speaks for many, many women. Is it really such a scary time for men and boys? Answer :

(Linzy, you are amazing ❤️)

C'est totalement jouissif comme vidéo et elle illustre à la perfection mon ras le bol du #sexisme ordinaire, #HarcèlementSexuel etc. que nous nous sommes habitués à oublier le + vite possible pour pouvoir vivre normalement #Metoo

“Breaking political silence” is what privileged people do when the shit finally hits their fan too.

That voice that's telling you that you didn't do enough today is capitalism and it's lying.

Finally releasing another utility called Contraste. Please download it at but more importantly, please use it and make sure your website or app is accessible to people with visual impairment! Feedback and boosts appreciated :)

False accusation, false narrative (rape culture) 

Trémargat, village breton « scruté par des cabinets d’experts » simplement parce qu’il s’y pratique solidarité, résilience et entraide...

Via @isa_attard @WillyLegatelois

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