I stuffed the turkey with mashed potato soup mashed potato and broccoli soup for lunch and then we had to eat the chicken.

Not even 11 and I’ve already made dressing, green bean casserole, fried chicken, rolls, and mashed potatoes. 😂

True life: I’m addicted to reading recipes for hours a day. 😭🤷🏻‍♀️

Got up for a second to get a drink and Frankie completely stole my spot. Doesn’t seem like he wants to give it back anytime soon..🐽

My camera keeps notifying me that there’s a movement detected.. but nothing is there. 😩👻

Things I learned after getting a pig:🐷

-They’re incredibly smart! It’s basically like having a 3 year old.
-They love Cheerios
-Will do just about anything for a belly rub
-They can bark like dogs
-They can also scream so loud it sounds like you’re torturing children
-They can get their feelings hurt easily and will pout/cry about it
-Pigs can eat a hole in the wall in under a minute

‪Send husband to grocery store with a specific 5 item list for dinner, end up starring in an episode of chopped with random ingredients 😭‬

My phone hasn’t been fully charged in days because every time my pig gets mad at me he unplugs it from the wall without me realizing it.. 😤🐷

Think I’m going to fry up some mashed potato/cheese balls today. They turned out so good last time. 😍😍

I want someone to do my grocery shopping for me, but I don’t want to pay a delivery fee.. or answer the door. 🙈

Frankie had so much fun going to Adam’s work. Unfortunately he shit ALL over my car. 😭

Beginner tips for someone who’s never really played Skyrim before? 🙃

Adam needs to get his ass home so we can start up some Skyrim. ❤️

And everyone else’s in different voices 👀👀

Why is my phone reading my toots out loud 👀

‪Taking Frankie up to Adams work, praying he doesn’t poop in the car. 💩 ‬I think the teachers are more excited than the kids 😂

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