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Mike Desjardins @mdesjardins

Oh yeah, does this thing still work?

Stuck in a tire shop waiting room. 😒

A haiku about getting out of bed:

No no no no no
No no no no no no no
No no no no no

So has the excitement died down? Is this more the way it was before I showed up? I should probably find more regulars to follow.

Many of the people I followed on here in my two week fury of Mastodon participation have already stopped tooting. 😕

@plsburydoughboy I'd rather ask why people are still interested in differentiating themselves as "gamers" in a landscape where virtually everyone under 40 plays games regularly, in one form or another.

It seems a bit... self-defeating to wave around such a brand...

Fun time hanging out with friends tonight, but now I'm already home watching Bill Nye on Netflix. Being 40something kinda sucks.

But right now I just want to lay on the futon in my office and sleep and nope and maybe cry. At least I'm not thinking about killing myself again, so I'm not at my worst. I really need to see a therapist.

I went nearly two months without a major depressive episode. I was starting to feel "cured." Yet here we are again. I've had this thing following me for 30 years and I know I'll probably never beat it, I'll just need to learn to live with it somehow. For starters I'll probably need to start coworking again. I need to start running again. I need to stop drinking. Ugh.

I’ve had a hard time staying focused for the past couple of days, but at least I’m being minimally productive and not getting depressed. It might not sound like much but it’s kind of a big deal for me.

@Styger the company I work for has an amazing culture and is hiring rn if you're interested. It's Fullstack Rails+React: meetedgar.com/careers/

Hi all!
I'm officially a free agent! If you're looking for a backend or full stack dev, let me know! My experience is primarily Ruby & Rails, but mostly I care about making stuff that solves real problems with awesome people who are empathetic and empowered. Let me know if that's your company!

Hot Mastodon tips for 2017:
- serve a pineapple upside-down cake
- vows must fit into 500 characters
- get a witch as your officiant
- you're not married; you're "federated"

Wham. Depression. Had been doing so fucking well for months. Hit me outta nowhere.

Was Ariana Grande born yet back when the Four Non Blondes song she blatantly ripped off when popular?