The Lexaprocialist 🍞 🌹 has moved to

The Lexaprocialist 🍞 🌹

Maybe I should move to Moving to a new instance feels like kind of a big deal. One of the downsides of federation, I suppose.

I have a hard time finding people on here. I remember the bird site being a little like this when I was starting out. Not sure it was quite this hard tho.

Well hello again. Was trying out Diaspora and remembered I also had this thing.

Lab says they OD'd on some new narcotic called Heavy Tarts. It's made from coffee and vape juice.

Hi Mastodon. It’s me again. Here to shout hello into the aether.

Just made a vegan mushroom based gravy to bring to my parents’ Thanksgiving tomorrow and the little bit I tasted was pretty damned good if I do say so myself.

I only barely speak French. I’m more proficient in Spanish tbqh.

Taking QuΓ©bec French language practice exams because why not (fantasizing about moving to MontrΓ©al).

Wifey has been up since 4:45am and is cleaning the house like a mad woman and I just got up and can barely keep my eyes open long enough to drink my coffee halp.

There are two really worrying trends right now in regards to internet accessibility. Web page bloat and the sneaking acceptability of horrible ISP practices with mobile providers. They both stem from the assumption that everyone has access to some form of broadband internet at home. The reality is that for a huge portion the world, the only portal they have to this space is a cheap smartphone. They are not really luxuries but the most economic form of internet access available.

Wider screens make programmers complain about the number of lines in a subroutine instead of the number of characters in a line.

If you're united states of american you should call your representatives about net neutrality which is once again at risk

Need to turn off notifications from birdsite app. Got sucked back in over there and felt miserable for hours later.

I thought this TV commercial for 401ks was going to be a Cialis ad.

If computers are so good why haven’t we invented one that kicks you off it if you’re not enjoying yourself

Lazy Saturday afternoon. Feeling guilty about being lazy when there’s stuff I should be/could be doing. Always so tired. Never sure if it’s depression or just that I’m lazy af.

Good morning Mastodon! Today greeted me with needing to get a stool sample from my dog to test him for giardia. How’s YOUR day going? πŸ™„