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Idle question to server admins:

Is there a significant impact on hosting costs if you choose to federate?

And, how much does it cost to run an instance?

(While I know and other art-focused instances exist, I'd really like an art/craft focused instance aimed more at being able to connect and talk shop with other artists.

But I'm also poor, and for legal reasons I'm unsure if I could accept donations to help with costs.)

@dartigen In case you want someone else to set-up and update the instance for you there is this service:

A small instance starts at 5$/month.

Given that I’m not a server admin I can’t tell you whether its significantly cheaper if you do it yourself, sorry.

mDfRg @mdfrg

Maybe we'd rather talked about hardware specs? Cause costs varies from hosting to hosting

@mdfrg @dartigen Sure, but given that I‘ve never run an instance myself I have absolutely no clue about this. I’ve just thought that these numbers could be a first reference point.

@julianruf @mdfrg Rough numbers still interest me, though I was hoping to hear from admins of bigger instances so I could get an idea of how much having a lot of users or a jump in traffic to the instance adds to costs.

I'm assuming that federating will generate more traffic, but I could be wrong - I only have a layperson's knowledge of how that works.

@julianruf @mdfrg I'm also honestly not sure of what's needed in terms of server specs.

(Having the box at home isn't an option, unfortunately; my home connection is too slow for that.)