@maiki @kaniini @awilfox some thoughts about this IRC server? Heard about this in the latest show


oragono - A modern IRC server written in Go.

@mdfrg @kaniini @maiki

✅ written in Go and Rust
✅ mentions Lets Encrypt
✅ touts configuration in YAML as a feature
✅ only packaged for Arch
✅ touts IRCv3 as a feature

It passes all the tests of being "techbro webshit". No thanks.

@awilfox @maiki @mdfrg

i think the YAML configuration is reasonable, and IRCv3 isn't so bad as long as it's IRCv3.2 or earlier.

@mdfrg @maiki @kaniini yes but YAML is an implementation detail. if you have to touch the config so much that it matters it's YAML, you've already lost

(IOW, the fact it matters means it's probably written poorly)

@awilfox fwiw it's mostly intended to be an experimental server anyway, similar to mammon @kaniini and I worked on a while back. kinda surprised it's gotten the attention it has given it's written a bit sketchily and it's pretty unstable

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