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Happy to watch ZUckerber roast, however it's getting late in Europe, time to bed...

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@maiki @kaniini @awilfox some thoughts about this IRC server? Heard about this in the latest show


oragono - A modern IRC server written in Go.

block storage at FRA1 is up&running now after 36hrs of horror. Hope noones died from heart attack...

DigitalOcean FRA1 servers are down for 30 hours. Thirty!!! And they claim 99,99% SLA. I've thought they are the big player.

Lesson for today: ALWAYS have backups on YOUR disks. Physical magnets in your closet = safe sleep.

Which makes me even more angry since DO doesn't offer offsite backup solution. Instead you can take snapshots which they stored on their servers - seemed fair to me... till today.

I bought DigitalOcean droplet for the sole purpose of having reliable server that some big brother takes care of. It seemed a fair trade off - you pay so other will take care of power outages, DDos and disk failures... and then THIS has happened... WELVE hrs of downtime and still no real explanation and no data retrieved... if it were a server at home, I'd have alreadedy have my disks swapped with backups in place. Makes me rethink of a backup solution.

Yeah, is a good opportunity to get more users to alternative social media

@Gargron Cambridge Analitica scandal is the best opportunity to agitate for mastodon :)!

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I really like the pedagogical approach of

The goal of this site is to provide a starting point to help you make an informed choice by providing information on popular open source licenses.

c @ccamara @urbanohumano

Same would go with birdsite yet nobody has done it

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would a Mastodon version of Instagram be.....Mammogram (cc @charlag)

You write email from emacs?! There are certain levels of nerdness one shall not cross

Last version released in September 2017-is it still alive?