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Yeah, is a good opportunity to get more users to alternative social media

@Gargron Cambridge Analitica scandal is the best opportunity to agitate for mastodon :)!

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I really like the pedagogical approach of

The goal of this site is to provide a starting point to help you make an informed choice by providing information on popular open source licenses.

c @ccamara @urbanohumano

Same would go with birdsite yet nobody has done it

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would a Mastodon version of Instagram be.....Mammogram (cc @charlag)

You write email from emacs?! There are certain levels of nerdness one shall not cross

Last version released in September 2017-is it still alive?

And if it had been gpl2? Or3? How cone hiveway is gpl3?
@Wolf480pl @david_ross

Looks like some mech. Does entire laptop transform into a robot ;)?

I bearly understand what I see and I'm the one knowing what I'm watching about. So I can't imagine what newcomers might think
@Gargron @Nigma

Music choice is poor. Also, graphics could do better

True, chrome gets preinstalled on Android.. But so does Samsung Music for music player... Should they not preinstall at all?

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@kaniini I wish they did to Google for Chrome on Android what they did to MS for IE back then

Btw can one fork mastodon and then closesource it?

How is that 'better' than thunderbird +enigmail? Seems even morr niche than pgp already is

Been reading about ICO sine your reply. What's wrong about it?