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The blogosphere suddenly became aware of the existence of Intel ME "spying at you" to paraphrase some catchy titles. If some authors seem to discover that technology, the truth is it is here for almost 10 years!

So, in order for you to make your own educated opinion, I tried to summarize the facts concerning Intel ME and the current state of the community knowledge about that technology.

checkout the from dev of Brave browser. Quite interesting concept

What good voip for android do you recommend?

Trying to install GOGS on my VPS, wish me luck... Better go with binary or build from source from github?

Hey mastodon friends, can you please recommend any Remeber The Milk ( self-hosted, opensource alternatives? It's a todo list with great UX. It HAS to have a decent Android and desktop linux (ubuntu) app. Offline sync is also welcome. Any recommendations?

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@mdfrg @awilfox @SLRock @vertigo

I prefer to see freenode sunset and be replaced by Matrix (possibly with private internet access running a Matrix homeserver under the freenode domain), once a more stable and secure protocol is fleshed out.

The good news is that some of the charybdis people have started reworking the Matrix specs to introduce correct security.

But in a spiritual sense, I see Matrix as the correct successor to IRC.

freenode staff are literally the worst case of traditional IRC users I have ever seen.

People on freenode are legitimately afraid to engage freenode staff for their problems.

As somebody who was previously a freenode staffer, it makes me angry that the network has become this way, because the whole point of my work was to spread the original administrative philosophy behind freenode to other networks.

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@mdfrg @awilfox @SLRock @vertigo

welp, since you ask.

i have worked on basically every ircd out there: unreal, inspircd, ircu, hybrid, ratbox, charybdis.

i designed the IRC SASL binding, which brought the concept of pre-authentication to IRC, allowing things like I:lines (allow rules) to be selected based on what the services daemon said to do.

i designed and wrote an entire new services implementation called atheme, that was not derived from the ircservices lineage, that was intended to take away privilege from IRC operators and give it to the communities that existed on the IRC network. while IRC operators could override the security, they had to consciously make this decision.

using the atheme platform, we created a bunch of service modules that automated the most common tasks of IRC operators (spambot mitigations), which reduced the need for IRC networks to have so many IRC operators. we also attempted to reform the role of IRC operator into one of being a community leader.

but in the end, traditional IRC users, with traditional IRC egos, always kept winning out.

i suspect the main reason why this is, likely has to do with the fact that your average irc network operator is a prepubescent teenager who feels they are always right.

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@mdfrg @awilfox @SLRock @vertigo

Slack has a different security model: the communities just buy an instance from them and do what they want to. You just click some buttons to get one.

And the Slack client can be attached to multiple communities at once, so while it's obviously not federated, the control aspect falls to the community.

That is miles ahead of where IRC is.

With IRC, you get to either use somebody else's infrastructure and subject yourself to having to make sure that somebody else stays happy with you (unless they boot you off their network) or go buy a VPS from some company and spend time manually compiling and configuring ircd.

Then you have to learn how to secure it, etc.

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New stuff coming out of @Purism's Librem 5 and KDE's Plasma Mobile camp: Plasma Mobile working on an i.MX 6-based test development board:

This is the board @Puri_sm and Plasma Mobile developers may use (not confirmed yet) before the Librem 5 phone actually exists.

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1) Try to find article about how to enable the "ribbon view" in LibreOffice

2) Find article that says it's actually been available for a while, but under "experimental features"

3) Go through steps to enable it, see that it looks like it still needs some work

4) Read the comments on the article about how people tried it and hope that it's better soon

5) See that the dates of those comments are from a _year ago_


@Gargron , is there a way to filter out non-English users from Federated Timeline? I'm flooded with (probably) Japanese...

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It gets on my nerves that people use WhatsApp or Signal or Threema or Telegram or whatever hip new thing they came up with for instant messaging because "it is too hard/weird to create an XMPP account".

XMPP is a protocol for federated instant messaging in case you never heard of it.

If we are already getting people to use Mastodon instead of birdsite, how about we made it really easy for instance owners to also run an XMPP server using the same credentials as Mastodon for user authentication?

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@maiki Maybe? Im genuinely ignorant on Matrix. Everytime I look at it my eyes glaze over.

Prosody + Conversations / Gajim , I get. I know what proprietary services their replacing. I know their use cases.

Matrix? feels more like infrastructure for a suite of future tools, I have difficulty imagining. As im not using them now and I dont know what their proprietary equivalents are.

It overlaps with XMPP but I honestly have trouble imagining what it brings to the table that im going to use.

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@bug @starbreaker @awilfox Developers should be forced to test all their software on residential internet, with a old, budget wifi router while using a 3 year old budget laptop (something sub-$200 when it was new), while also running antivirus, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and have a browser with twitter, facebook, the google homepage, and a youtube video playing.

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