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@mdfrg @xuv @Gargron @wakest You can find the already uploaded files for this year here:
The folders are named after the rooms so you have to cross check with the schedule:

Can anyone recommend a simple tutorial to iptables?

Wanting to start forum in my site, got interested in Discourse. Already regret it. From one hand it's top notch forum engine with slick mobile integration,for the other it's a pure pain to setup...

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Reminder that Project Gutenberg Canada exists

The site is formatted like it's from 1994, but it's got dozens and dozens of digitised books that are in the Canadian Public Domain


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Following from there, if you like old scifi, I have a few dozen older shows that I want to share with you.

Well, 'shows' is a strong word.

See, these are ~half hour episodes of various scifi series, but they pre-date TV by about ten years.

That's right, we're talking about Film Serials.

Here is the first Buck Rogers film Serial from 1939! (Pay attention to the episode order.)

The first Flash Gordon serial (circa 1936)

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(For those who don't know, this is an *absolute standard* thing in older bands. The Zombies with Steve Rodford, Monkees with Christian Nesmith, Beach Boys with Matt Jardine and Christian Love, Merseybeats, I think Status Quo)

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It's interesting that the idea of the superhero isn't just a modern western thing. It obviously can be traced back to titans in Greek mythology, but also to completely unrelated myths in ancient China.
These ideas have been with us since forever.

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@mdfrg Don't know exactly your needs, but there's a notes app QOwnNotes (, which has ToDo via integration with ownCloud / Nextcloud calendar. It doesn't integrate with proprietary apps RememberTheMilk does.

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After a long search for a decent #FLOSS solution for web-presentation, I found #GitPitch!

Write a presentation in #markdown in a file in a public GitLab/GitHub/BitBucket repo → go to → DONE!

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"Lesbian" sounds like a linux distribution

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@maiki I think this person was me... I think what I was saying was "it turns out that Slack mostly showed that nerds had the right design with IRC and XMPP MUC (which, while less popular, can do the things Slack can do that IRC can't) right all along, but what we didn't do was make it accessible to the general public, which is what Slack managed to do really well."

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I'll put this out there: I don't consider #IRC to be a candidate for team chat.

* How does IRC develop?
* External system for archiving and search
* File sharing is weird
* Clients are weird
* Prefers commands over clicking

Super fun tech! But the teams that use it either depend on a third-party (which is fine in many cases), or have an engineer (or likely an IRC fan) to run the whole stack for them.

I run a #snap for #RocketChat. It auto-updates, as does Ubuntu. Dope.

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Team web chat is manageable. If your storage starts to fill, let folks know, add more disk, good to go. Grow a bunch, kick it up, because you are making money.

But in order to offer team web chat to a larger community, to provide the same level of service, you have to plan on scalable storage. Can anyone do that without monetizing?

OTOH, running platforms with less features, they scale really well. I can have hundreds of concurrent MUC on a dinky little #Prosody #jabber server.

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We have web-based chat options, from Slack to the good ones like #RocketChat and #Mattermost.

But they take up a lot of resources, as they scale. Compared to dedicated servers and protocols, such as #IRC and #XMPP, you end up throwing a lot of resources per user.

This makes me think that the web-based ones work for teams (as a shared space for ambient documentation and file sharing), but not as a public service.

Of course #jabber exceeds at scale due to federation. Like email.

Tried to stay with cause of update but screen tearing in yt videos reminded me the horror of constant bugfixing. I guess I'll have to learn how to live without proper tab management (which btw even has). I like the speed but I'd be happier with "just" better version of FF56 with legacy addons

Ok, I played with yesterday evening and... I have mixed feelings. It is faster, but so what? 56 is already fast enough. Does it really make a difference to render a page in 3s rather than in 5? I save hours in the long run, I get it, but I loose tens of them by not being able to manage my tabs poperly. How people do that without extensions like tabmix plus or panorama? How can people have 50 tabs open and find their stuff? Please enlighten me.

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Some facts about me:
- I am a about
- I ❤️ space robots
- I'm a week away from submitting a manuscript of a 400 page book about rover
- I will answer any question about our solar system and how we explore it as long as you're not being a jerk
- I should be writing

Can anyone recommend self hosted open source todo list? I'm looking for an alternative to

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