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User Guide: Decentralization


Is there something you think is still missing from that page?

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Hi, ex-Twitters who are all following me here! If you're following this account, you should instead be following @mdhughes@cybre.space because that's where I am.

cybre.space is down, and I don't have an easy way to reach our admins.

Dear Esther Landmark Edition is out, I got it as a free update on Steam for buying the original. Much better models, textures, & environmental sound. Couple achievements and director's commentary.

It's right on the edge of game/not-game for me, but I think on the game side: Branching paths, random dialogue. If I play left-hand-path (as I do in most games/mazes) I see some different things than right-hand-path.

I'm moving my main instance to @mdhughes@cybre.space
This one'll be just a forwarding link.

@Gargron It'd be useful to have a more automated "I'm moving to this instance" HTTP 301-type feature, changing everyone's follow of you (post a notification which does it?).

Ooh, but this is tempting: bundleofholding.com/presents/F
I have AFF 1E and it's a demented little game. A whole stack of 2E PDFs…

So, @Gargron, you're gonna unfederate from these ambotsadors instances if they don't stop, yes?

Amaroq and Mastodon UI is super dangerous with no verification for actions (follow/unfollow, star, boost, etc) Careful where you swipe!

Batman is a billionaire who secretly fights crime with technology and fists. Man-Bat is a scientist who accidentally transformed himself into a bat creature. Matt-ban is a restriction on the amount of people called Matt. A bon mot is a witty remark.

I am also @mdhughes@mastodon.weaponsvac.space for OSR RPGs.
I don't know what the best model for this is, an account on every instance you're interested in, so you can read local?

So what's with these autofollow bots? In Twitter I'd aggressively block them as spam, dunno if they're useful to non-spammers here.

Mastodon is basically a FIDOnet BBS. But no doorgames or warez, man!

The whole idea of lots of folks running their own Mastodon instances reminds me of the days of hosting my own BBS, keeping the servers up, the list of phone numbers to call, the extra phone line in the house. 1986 is back. ☎️📠📞🔌💾📼

So if I change a setting in Amaroq, "Awoo" becomes "Toot!", which is a fart? Not entirely wrong when I been drinking a lot.

What is an "awoo"? I see there's a warning switch, which I may make comical use of, but wolf noises are not common UI patterns.

@Gargron So I would very much like to be able to disable RTs. Like, I want to see your posts on the service, but not your RTs of everyone. Right now I can only unfollow or not see actual followees.

Only a few people on here, and it is unbearably slow to edit, @Gargron, needs some serious hardware or software work.
Also normal Mac cursor keys up/down don't work? What is this input box doing?

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