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Is the steam "last online" stat in the friends list broken for anyone else?

I'll pay good money for an audio book version of where the narrator reads it like it's a Dr. Suess story

There is a TON of misinformation going round about and , make sure you read this before reading anything else:

Great to see Linus highlighting Linux gaming! Worth noting his Nvidia vs. AMD point is pretty out of date, and I do wish he'd focused more on how many modern and popular games run fine natively, like Dota2, XCOM2 etc.

Played though Hellblade today and by god is that a game I will never forget. Absolutely fantastic, lived up to everything I'd been told and more

Let's also agree that 90% of cooking is just chemistry to optimise the maillard reaction, plus adding some salt

Can all of us adults agree that none of us know what "under a medium grill" means exactly?

With Christmas coming up this is always a good reminder of what it's all about -

Well looks like my short-lived stint back into Firefox is over. Hi again chromium...

Still have mixed feelings about GPUPRO Vk going OS. Economies of scale barely allow for 3 drivers on a small platform, let alone 4. Optimistic about shared knowledge though

Gah trying to navigate the obscure rules of Dbus system and session bus's is a nightmare. Anyone have any good resources on how to get a root privileged bus to properly receive userspace messages?

The more I remember Pyre the more I want content, of any kind, set in that gorgeous universe.

Board games, table top, writing, animations, comics, anything. I need more @SupergiantGames

Finally setting this up... expect a mirror of my twitter for now while I transition


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