hey, maybe this question doesn't belong here... I have a VPS running tinc and nextcloud

any service recommendation of alternatives (like Linode, Dreamhost) not based in the U.S., with focus on privacy?

@mdkcore @switchingsocial There are many hosters outside of US.Some have trackers on their pages but the vServers should be safe.Some examples:
- (Germany)
- (Germany)
- (France)
- (France)

@nipos cool!, will look for them!

@mdkcore @switchingsocial I use in the Netherlands because they have good privacy law there. You can pay with crypto as well.

@aran pretty good, privacy is what I'm looking for!

@OpenBSDAms might be a good choice, if you were wanting to run an OpenBSD virtual.

@bill @OpenBSDAms yup, linux or openbsd, no problem at all, thanks!

@mdkcore @switchingsocial Friends of mine use Hetzner and Netcup, but they don't seem to be explicitly privacy focused

@frainz will find about them, thanks :)

try mullvad. they support wireguard, which is basically the most secure vpn protocol

@wiley nice! I want to move from tinc to wireguard, so this can be a great deal!

@mdkcore id also recommend checking this out; it's a pretty comprehensive evaluation of many vpn clients. widely circulated as well

@LiFux cool, will look at this :)

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