When did all the tech publications turn into Valleywag?

Coincidentally, I deleted Twitter’s app from my iPhone yesterday, which I was only using for notifications. I enabled SMS notifications for the things I wanted and installed Twitterrific instead. macrumors.com/2021/05/14/twitt

Anyone have a good alternative to Panic’s Code Editor? I’m unlikely to switch now, but would like to be aware of my options.

Just paid about a billion dollars for gas, how’s your day going?

I wish Safari handled RSS feeds better. I just want to see a preview of the feed and then copy the URL.

First sunburn reference is in the last episode of season 4. But it’s just a joke. No one actually has a sunburn. mike.rockwell.mx/asides/1459

I feel like everyone just pretended Clubhouse was cool for three weeks.

I’ve been using Simplenote off and on for almost twelve years.

Transitioned my devices to Fastmail for contacts syncing. Next step is to move Becky over so we can have a collection of shared “family” contacts.

What if podcast producers could add some markup to their show’s RSS feed — a URL where shows are broadcast during recording and some information about the recording schedule? And then podcast players could surface a “Listen Live” type feature during that timeframe.

There’s a lot of people that hate others for what they’re perceived to believe.

I wish you could favorite iCloud Drive and folders from network shares in Files for iOS. I’d like to collapse the “Locations” and “Shared” section in the sidebar to neaten it up a bit.

Bandai made a huge mistake by not working with Hermès on a special edition Tamagachi.

I wish I started learning about cryptocurrency sooner.

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