I made a new Mastodon to use since I want to be in a furry instance. @mechanicalmelancholy@meow.social

cw: addiction, smoking, dissociation 

I am having some kinda slow-burning breakdown that started as dissociation and is now punctuated by shaking and desperately needing a fucking cigarette
Naw I have done fuckin great quitting that shit NOT NOW.

Wait hollup do I need to make a whole new account to join an instance

At some point I'll just spill a list of boundaries but I dont like bothering people lmao

I just saw a gif of Bugs Bunny being like "Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive" and yknow. Mood.

I havent the faintest fucking clue how to use this site

i almost beat the shit out of someone today and im tired

Since Im making this a furry masto, here's my boy. Art by the wonderful Emiechii on furaffinity.

Trying to pick an instance is so confusing. Do I want one of the furry ones, or a witch one, or wait for a technician or nonhuman one?

So, then? I'm Jasper, I'm a 21 year old Canadian dude and a theatre lighting and audio-visual technician. I also do costuming on the side. I'm a witch, spiritualist, nonhuman and furry as well, and my practice is all over the place. I love Pokemon, machinery, tech, and collecting pretty things from gemstones to dragon art pieces to knives.


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