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exploring anal vore and its roots in latin america

i stay shidding on dem, and thats why i freestyle with the diaper 📴

can we all stop to imagine moaning bartholomew or carl in bed

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miku hatsune is so death classic 😝🤘🏾

left that time management shit in grade school ya heard?

imagine skyping and playing minecraft everyday because you and your friends are a minecraft skype group

everyday we move farther and farther from who miku wanted us to be

aw ur hungry love? u can grub on these cheeks yes

it takes more than epic launcher installed to be a gamer sweaty

when is emergen-c for hepatitis coming out

my art teacher didnt know what inktober was who gave this woman her degree

heard depression was stored in the balls so im bouta beat that shit out of me

please amazon... please reship my battery operated boyfriend!!! im dyiiimnhhhhggg

wdym you landed the space shuttle in our backyard

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imagine distilling all of your feelings into a convenient pellet

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