Wabaal Hum TV Drama First Episode – Public Opinion

"Wabaal," broadcasted on HUM Television. The principal episode was about presenting the families and characters to the watchers.


Sara Ali Daughter Zainab’s Wonderful Birthday Event Photos

Sara Ali commended her little girl Zainab's ninth birthday celebration. The birthday festivity was a ritzy issue. It was gone to by well-known Pakistani big names, including Saboor Aly, Kinza Hashmi, Sidra Niazi, and others.


Amal Muneeb Wonderful Third Birthday Celebrations

Amal Muneeb Birthday celebration occurred seconds ago. The child looks very cute on her special day. Amal wore a lovely turquoise pixie-like dress that was undoubtedly sparkling on occasion.


Amal Muneeb Wonderful Third Birthday Celebrations

Amal Muneeb Birthday celebration occurred seconds ago. The child looks very cute on her special day. Amal wore a lovely turquoise pixie-like dress that was undoubtedly sparkling on occasion.

Laiba Khan Amazing Photos from Galata Tower Istanbul

Laiba Khan shared charming pictures from her visit to Galata Tower in Istanbul Turkey. Laiba Khan is oozing to the world with her most recent get-away pictures.


Danish Nawaz Revealed the Main Regret of His Life

Danish Nawaz shared that he began his vocation after his dad's passing. His desire to give his most memorable compensation to his dad was dependable.


AnM Closet Amazing Recent Western Collection 2022

AnM Closet has sent off their most recent Classic Western Collection 2022. The most recent assortment comprises popular western clothing types, which give you a perfect summer look. The little yet easily savage dresses are all you require to style yourself this midyear season.


Stunning Sidra Niazi is Relative of Imran Khan?

Sidra Niazi said that her grandma and her dad's family knew Imran Khan's family; they used to meet, yet she isn't Imran Khan's family member.

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Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Wedding Anniversary Photos from Niagara Falls

Danish Taimoor has posted their incredible video from the world's most enormous and delightful waterfall, Niagara Falls. Here is the lovely video from Niagara Falls by the exquisite entertainer Ayeza Khan.

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Saboor Aly Glorious Pictures from Latest Bridal Shoot

Saboor Aly looks beautiful as she settles on a vigorously decorated wedding gathering by "Mysie by Tahira," matched with weighty Kundan gems by "Opal by Madiha Ihsan."

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Hania Amir Amazing Performance in "Mere Humsafar" Praised by Public

'Mere Humsafar' was delivered, the netizens were blown away by Hania Aamir's fantastic execution. How Hania communicated her feelings was exceptionally applauded by the crowd.


Maryam Noor Wonderful Gawader Beach Photos

entertainer Maryam Noor took to her authority Instagram record to share alluring pictures from her new outing to Gawadar Beach, situated in Balochistan.

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Pakistani Celebrities Amazing Weight Loss Success Stories

Pakistani Celebrities shared their complete eating regimen plans, which could genuinely assist the individuals needing to begin their weight loss venture.

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Dure Fishan Saleem Shares Face Mask of Her Beauty Care

Dure Fishan Saleem Shares face mask of grain flour, almond flour, orange strip powder and yogurt to glow face beauty and also applies honey to her complexion.

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Faiza Saqlain Beautiful Family Photos from Chitral Valley

Faiza put a hold on the everyday routine for a family excursion. Faiza took to her authority Instagram record to share charming family pictures from their new excursion to Chitral.

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Minal Khan Looks Lavish in Latest Bridal Photo Shoot

Minal Khan was highlighted in a marriage go for "Hifsa Khan Salon". Minal looks stunning; she oozes eminence in vigorously decorated red marriage clothing by "Haris Shakeel Official". The dress was matched alongside weighty gold gems by "Reama Malik".

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Bilal Maqsood Explains the National Anthem in Beautiful Way

Bilal Maqsood attempted to momentarily clear up the significance of the public hymn for the crowd with the goal that they could grasp the genuine pith of 'Pakistani.'

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Jannat Mirza’s Salon and Spa Amazing Opening Ceremony Event

Jannat Mirza and her sister Alishba Anjum opened their own salon "SJA Salon and Spa" in Faisalabad. Jannat Mirza held a ritzy terrific opening service of the salon a couple of days back.

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Beautiful Aiman Khan Is Missing Her Acting Career

Aiman Khan, in discussion with "Maliha Rehman," indicated a rebound on the TV screen. Aiman Khan referenced answering the inquiry that she will be getting back to acting: "I think I'll take some more time because my little girl is excessively youthful, and I would rather not let her be.

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Humayun Saeed Amazing Birthday Party in Dubai

Humayun Saeed is spotted commending his great Birthday in Dubai. Indeed, the entertainer was given a rich birthday celebration and supper from Salman Iqbal and his better half.

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