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Because I'm that asshole vj, I'm playing a time split version of Debord's Society of the Spectacle over THX-1138

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So, hacker folk, apparently good Pastor Manul is publishing a bible of POC||GTFO -

I heartily encourage you to peruse this with careful attention.

[ And grab the PDFs* from your local mirror]

* PDFs may also be virtual machine images, zip files, or web servers, depending on issue.

Dear magical internet fairies, I want a site for collaborative editing of markdown documents that syncs with git(hub?) and tracks changes using criticmarkup.

Also a pony.[^1]

[^1]: (I don't actually want a pony)

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damn i can't believe i haven't remembered this sooner

{ x : cybre(x) } U { x : witch(x) } -- check out this ambient-electronic album Häxan. it was composed for a showing of the 1922 film by the same name in European cinemas a couple years ago and the atmosphere is phenomenal

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Be The Culture Special Circumstances Agent You Wish To See In The World

I just booted up my old Linux machine and looked at all my Serial Experiments Lain wallpapers. Then I looked at twitter on my iPhone. Now I'm going to bed.

When they came for the cyberpunks, I said nothing, because I couldn't get Signal to work reliably

so what are the social ramifications of boosting your own post from another instance?

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startup idea: manufacture means of production that seize themselves

@eurasierboy hey does Amaroq actually support multiple accounts and I can't find it? I see a brief login flash which implies to me that it might someday?

Gentrification means never knowing if the place you've decided to eat has closed, suddenly and permanently.

So, any writers come up with a better submissions / CFP tracking solution than a spreadsheet and bunch of text files? I'm flailing here.

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We were promised the possibility of crushing gender under our cold uncaring cyborg boots, but instead we got Netflix and chill: a memoir

@mykola I'm gonna do my first experiment in multiple instances with I think. Y'all seem my people.

(before they completely sold out but after they had reasonably polished production)

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That awkward period before a medium is overtaken by dullness, but also before there's a reasonable client for it. Shooting for the "Metallica Black Album" crossover point in social media.

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