since this is the pet website now, my precious angels are at the kennel & i only see them like once a week bc of a long move

the subsidized complex we were supposed to move to fucked us over at the last minute--after 2 MONTHS--thanks to liberal means testing bullshit. leaving us w/o a place for 2 months, & no appeal for another fucking month.

@mediumvillain damn I’m sorry! Do you guys have a place to stay while things get sorted out?

@punk_sand_witch a place, yeah, a small place we're not supposed to be at as guests for this long. and we'll end up in some shitty complex that is way more expensive but we can still barely afford, bc the state of NJ counts the lowest level of federal disability income, less than half of the poverty line for one person, against income as 'making too much money.'

@punk_sand_witch the level of the federal poverty line they use to determine eligibility for benefits or housing is fucking criminal. you have to be completely destitute, but also not TOO poor. its absurd, its all designed to help as few ppl as possible, w the strictest standards.

@mediumvillain means testing is fucking disgusting, which explains why libs love it. What kind of human supports placing even more barriers in front of food and shelter?

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