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hey, yeah, i totes get it if you have a problem with .social!

some instances i can totally vouch for are:

and i'm sure there's more!!

can somebody PLEASE give me some snack suggestions as to what I can eat

you ever try and watch a TV as a kid that didn't have an inside voice? like it'd be so quiet at night, and either it was uncomfortably loud or mute

simon belmont has no hair in his armpits. they're so smooth and clean. he has to shave them. I have more hair in my pits right now than he does

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do yall ever just get naked and slither around in the mud like the fuckin worm u were truly meant to be

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don't sift through my god damn sand if you're not gonna eat it

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if you hear something in ur walls dont worry its just me

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*snaps my legs as i stand up* "good morning gamers"

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why the fuck is my house so GOTDAMN COLD?

this post was made by a canadian

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The website is like a room of monkeys throwing shit at walls screaming for validation and i'm here for it

edited out my ugly ass face but it's me and andrew hussie in 2013 when he came to tcaf

this site really gives you awareness in how much likes/favorites and retoots literally mean and do nothing

@meebo you guys I said "soda" instead of "pop" just for you

y'all just gonna scroll by without saying ç̠̲̭̪͖͇̯̮̘̃́̃̀̐͛͆ḩ̶̛̘͚͚͔͚͑̄͋͗̏̽͘͜͟ü̷͈͈̰̘̻̿̽̓͝ň̨̨̠̬̺͇̯̮̜͛͐̔͒͘͜͞g̯͖̬̼͖̠̦̲̤̈͂͊̒̕u̪̯̭͈̭͈̭̔̆̆̏̄̇͑͟͜͜͞s̶̼̞͇̭̯̗̺̣͓͆̑͐͊̉̏͢͝͠ ?

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