Google Chrome is a badly designed, dangerous and buggy operating system that pushes software developers further a way from their own hardware and up into the application-layer walled garden that Google has created with its languages, libraries, and services. it ignores decades of best practices derived from solid research and development efforts, and, via Google's strong influence over the IETF and w3c, it threatens to gut the internet at its base level.

@walruslifestyle Could do with examples.

But yeah, Google's services essentially defines the rest of an operating system atop the Web. Which ofcourse is built on top of other probably better operating systems. It all looks quite ugly to me.


@alcinnz @walruslifestyle Example: google-maps. You get to look at a *picture* of a map; if the service goes away you have nothing.
OpenStreetMaps: you get the actual map data. If OSM goes away, you still have useful, raw map data (and can still produce map-pictures yourself)
("goes away" can include "you're not allowed to use it because ...")

@meejah @alcinnz yeah, exactly. Google treats a map of the world as theirs to control? even when much of what's good about that map comes from freely-given user feedback. i'll take open street maps any day.

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