The #PinePhone is a solid unit. The back cover seems to be like 5 times as thick as what my old Samsung phones had back in the day!

Also: smol dip switches, pogo pins!

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@msh It definitely feels nice and solid .. I do wish at least the "radios on/off" switch was outside the phone, though. I wonder if that's just for this version, or will it to "actual production" like that?
(The reason I don't like it is I feel like "take off the back cover" is so much of pain, I'm unlikely to ever use the radio-off feature).

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@meejah the hidden nano-dip-switches definitely have that vibe of being a "preview feature" so that devs can make sure their software handles the physical disconnect of those peripherals correctly rather than being used by normal people.

its an option for people who want to enforce "offline" operation for niche uses otherwise i suppose.

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