People are perpetually popping up in all my media streams insisting that online voting is the way forward. It seems so obvious. And yet, it's simultaneously completely wrong. If you think that online voting is a good idea, you must (seriously, you have to) watch this video.

Realise that just about every other democracy uses a system similar to the US' (in theory at least, and only for the actual vote).

@lightweight Canada uses hand-marked and hand-counted paper ballots.

@meejah I'm pretty sure there's a lot of online voting going on in Canada... perhaps only at the local level... but that's a very slippery slope... will see if I can find a reference or two.

@meejah yeah. Ugh. Unfortunately, I've participated in an open source online messaging pilot ( which was very auspicious (and very well received by GC employees) but has been cancelled in favour of a US-hosted Microsoft Teams implementation. Sadly, GC are fucking idiots at the decision making level.


@lightweight Oh is it just rocket-chat? (guessing from the logo)

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@meejah yup. I've been running a bunch of RocketChat instances for years - it's much better than MSFT Teams, Discord, and Slack (along with any/all other proprietary options).

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