People are perpetually popping up in all my media streams insisting that online voting is the way forward. It seems so obvious. And yet, it's simultaneously completely wrong. If you think that online voting is a good idea, you must (seriously, you have to) watch this video.

Realise that just about every other democracy uses a system similar to the US' (in theory at least, and only for the actual vote).

@lightweight Canada uses hand-marked and hand-counted paper ballots.

@meejah I'm pretty sure there's a lot of online voting going on in Canada... perhaps only at the local level... but that's a very slippery slope... will see if I can find a reference or two.

@lightweight My city had a plebiscite that was electronic-counted paper ballots as "a test" but all the real local elections are also hand-counted hand-marked paper..

@meejah electronically counted hand marked ballots, amazingly, is a really really good use of technology... that's because it always has the backstop of a manual recount.

@lightweight It misses "auditable" though, and scrutineers don't get to do anything. I think it's just as bad as fully electronic -- and it's solving a non-problem anyway (we already count elections quickly).

@meejah yup. Germany (a country that knows a thing or two about autocracy and corruption of democracy) decided that electronic voting machines were unconstitutional (never mind full blow fuckwitted online voting).

@meejah their rationale: scrutineers for any election must be drawn from the general population - the process must be comprehensible to any/all laypeople. I think that's an excellent benchmark for democratic processes.

@lightweight Yes! That's exactly why I don't want to give up hand-counted, hand-marked paper ballots. Literally anyone can learn to audit the whole process in a few minutes. Can't buy trust like that.

@meejah in NZ we have paper ballots marked by pen in local voting booths. Alternatively (and I'm not a fan of this on principle, due to easy abuse, i.e. stand over tactics and vote buying) we offer advanced postal voting. Sadly, the NZ postal service is, like the US equivalent, on its last legs.


@lightweight Mostly our advance voting is also at in-person polling places. I *think* it's only possible to mail-vote if you're out of the country (and you have to apply ahead of time).

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@meejah actually, I'm mistaken: we have in-person advanced voting, but in fewer voting places... And yes, postal voting tends to be reserved for our very complex local gov't voting (we have lots of democratically elected institutions in NZ, e.g. our public health system + local gov't + community boards).

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