According to Google, you’re not human if you aren’t being tracked by Google.

“…one of the ways that Google determines whether you’re a malicious user or not is whether you already have a Google cookie installed on your browser.”


@aral But what would prevent "malicious users" from adding the same cookie? 🤔

@yyp @aral Yeah, this sounds really dumb. Are humans actually even better at captchas than bots? I find myself thinking "well, that *is* a crosswalk, but algo probably thinks "no" on some of those ....
(Would be very interested to see studies on that!)
I also doubt it would be very hard to just record a few "Real Actual Hoomans" navigating a site and just "replay" variations on that via Selenium or whatever browser-automation framework is cool now (for e.g. the "farmers" as they put it)


@yyp @aral Okay I read more of the article .. the *goal* isn't even "detect bots" it is "detect weird behavior". So if you act "oddly" / outside the one standard-deviation or whatever then you're considered "bad". Let alone the privacy impacts, this is a stupid goal.

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