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When do we get the micropayments that were prophesied?
Like: "sure I'll pay $1 to watch this" instead of "subscribe monthly to N streaming services (and still not see 'indie' stuff)"

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GitHub have restored the youtube-dl repository

Colour me pleasantly surprised.

I've followed this story since it broke. My own (lay) analysis of the RIAA's claims hit HN a few weeks ago: (

The EFF's letter makes strongly similar arguments, admittedly with better legal citations buttressing.

I'd hinted in that post, and commented at HN, as to steps Microsoft could take to establish its credibility before the Free Software community:


Microsoft is a member of the RIAA. It could and should resign.
Microsoft can lobby for further exceptions to §1201 anti-circumvention.
Microsoft can issue a statement formally protesting RIAA's action.
Microsoft could offer an Amicus brief or other statements in favour of youtube-dl developers.

As an old-school Linux user and advocate, I'm used to considering Microsoft the opposition, and my praise is grudging, but given where due. By my reckoning, Microsoft are at least 3 for 4 in meeting my suggestions.

Of the fourth, I suspect its upcoming RIAA renewal discussion will be interesting.

Google, on the other hand, have been conspicuously silent. Chris DiBona, are you listening?

#github #youtubedl #riaa #dmca #copyright #eff #microsoft #google #ChrisDiBona

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One of the first soft skills every open source developer should learn is how to feel comfortable disappointing people.

meejah boosted usage has hit a record high, likely due to European lockdowns. 80K+ IPs have visited in the last week opening 360K pads. Notably, registration and drive usage are up 30% from April, showing CryptPad users are here to stay! #privacy #e2ee #cryptpad

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the most ludicrous thing about 'tHe EcOnOmY' as a reason for lifting covid restrictions is that just giving people money would be better for the economy in every measurable way

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Let’s look at the differences:

* Signed applications vs. HTTPS websites
* OCSP request sent to a single vendor (Apple) vs. a multitude of them who are unaffiliated with the vendor
* OCSP request mandatory vs. OCSP stapling supported and recommended

Looks like apples and oranges?

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Fun fact: you can hire freelancers to contribute to FOSS projects

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I think any artistic free-software tool *should* be doing likewise. There's a reputation that they're not as good as the proprietary competition, which this helps determine whether that's the case and how to fix it!

Pepper & Carrot certainly helps me take Krita more seriously than GIMP.

Perhaps thanks to this validation, Blender *is* competing successfully against first-mover Autodesk Maya for use in feature films, etc. I'll celebrate that!


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Who here has enjoyed a Blender Open Movie?

These are hugely entertaining short animations made with their titular computer animation tool.

Which they do for several extremely important reasons:
1. Enrich free culture.
2. Advertise what can be accomplished with their tools.
3. Ensure those things can be reasonably accomplished with their tools.
4. Fund the project with sales of all the behind-the-scenes data.


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Turned fermented cayenne into lousiana style sauce and the fermented scotch bonnet and pineapple mash into a "jamaican style" sauce today.

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@zens @alcinnz
The two most interesting things I've found in that space are OCaps and Unison

OCaps are opaque references that code can provide to a caller. The API of the call is communicated out of band, but the reference serves as an authorization for the caller to provide data that the OCap provider will execute. This works the same whether the reference is a token in a network call or a symbol for a function call from a library

Unison is a functional programming language where a hash of the AST serves as the reference to a function. If you build a remote call with this kind of system there's no way to obfuscate IO or other problematic code

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The tallest tree in Wales had been damaged by a storm and was supposed to be cut down, but a better solution was found. Natural Resource Wales, which was in charge of the site, ordered artist Simon O'Rourke to cut down the tree. He thought of a giant hand, symbolising a giant, and the tree's last attempt to reach the sky.

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@neauoire I like this video where Matt Parker (and friends) build a logic circuit uit of 10k dominos:

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If you're making a cool video of your rad adventure, I'd rather have live audio -- if I want to listen to music, I'll mute it and put on my own.

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have your kids been participating in illicit acts of general purpose computing? know the signs

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The most important lesson I learned while writing my little blog script on my Tor site is that every possible user input from the headers to URIs, to form fields, to request methods, to the very TCP connection and handshake or any other conceivable avenue will be mercilessly thrashed by bots and humans alike. Trying to expose vulnerabilities

It's not personal

You're a target because you exist

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