Trying to relax and enjoy the fun part of the pandemic

There's a whole class of weird US court cases against inanimate objects:

United States v. Approximately 64,695 Pounds of Shark Fins
United States v One Solid Gold Object In The Form Of A Rooster

I decided to see what a neural net would make of them.

Scented candles from a neural net trained on 1000 existing candles

The neural net is based on math, so it is infallible. This is the future.

magnifique, chef's kiss, a single tear runs down my cheek

Thus ends this year of public wonder and mischief to this nation, and, therefore, generally wished by all people to have an end.

The Ise Shrine is rebuilt every 20 years, and as far as I can discern has been since the year 4. Apparently it takes 17 years each time, of which half are spent planning.

I'm not sure what possessed me to play through the prologue of The Last of Us this evening. I mean obviously yes. But I'm not sure why I thought it might be cathartic.

neural net generated pie 

I haven't even played the goose game so maybe this is explicitly referenced in there, but still, wow (from Armstrong, Edward A. “The Symbolism of the Swan and the Goose.” Folklore, vol. 55, no. 2, 1944, pp. 54–58. JSTOR,

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an essay i published in logic magazine's play issue last winter is now online. its on playing a profoundly broken but ultimately meaningful game of rune factory 3:

Here's another scene from TLJ as segmented by DeepLab (which sees people with teddy bears hiding behind the rock) and SPADE (which dutifully has to draw the teddy bears)

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Discovered a piece of house music perfectly suited to my outlook: jaunty determined insouciance leavened with a sense of creeping inevitable doom

Technically, I do believe the current tools we see popping up are better built versions of centralized platforms most people use, and that's cool.

But the reason progress is so slow is because we're still clinging to the concepts they ground into us when their were no other options available.

We need to stop building decentralized platforms in the same vein of centralized ones.

And building tools that actually help people *must* be at the center of why we're building them in the first place.

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Decided to see what would happen if I trained a neural net to write names for self-aware AIs.
May I present: GPT-2 trained on AI names from Iain M. Banks's Culture novels

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