not unrelated: finally getting serious about env setup scripts

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welp my day started with scp-ing a repo dir from the recovery terminal, how's yours going

y'all know you can put those little tortillas directly into the toaster right

“hey swipe keyboard, please type the most common conjunction in the english language”
“oh you mean the slang abbreviation for the abdominal muscles! sure no problem”

“when you walked out the door / so I dub thee unforgiven”

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kids these days don’t know what it’s like to discover that “unbreak my heart” blurs right into “so i dub thee unforgiven” same chord sequence, same key and everything

kids these days don’t know what it’s like to hear a group of grown-ass men in a bar singing “so I dub thee unforgiven” without a shred of irony

Swainson’s thrush outside my window, I love them so much

so otherworldly - but also very definitely stunting, which I recognize as an extremely Earth thing to do

harp and double bass recorded on a single mic in their apartment in harlem

“but you know what’s always great? … coffee.”

can’t believe my fish and chips place fell in the river

so I'm seeing that is blocked by a bunch of servers? I've been away for a few years, what's the rationale there?

using coffee to wake up is so 16th c. why not try a piping hot cup of “glancing at a headline”

a hipster hummingbird in a hipster cafe drinking hipster coffee

a long day writing bugs at the bug-writing factory

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