I've been having issues posting photos to masto from my phone? Any advice?

I just noticed that mastodon lets you choose how the photo gets cropped in a toot and BOY is that helpful. Such a basic option twitter doesn't even bother with

Working on lecture for 3rd year comic kids! They graduate soon, so I’m trying to pack in as much advice and prep them for the community they’re abt to enter

Goliath believes this is His key chain friend

Aa so close! Got the hole, found a decent key ring, need to bend circle back to fit in his hand.

Boy I hope toy story isn’t real

I got a gashapon but thought it was made as a keychain! Gonna try some tiny surgery to fix that

try to do this about once a year. I don't drink or smoke, so sugar is the only real vice I have that I try to keep an eye on :P

It'll also mean no lattes (I take with 1 sugar), which will probably be the hardest. Thankfully, tea has caffeine and can mitigate the withdrawal headaches

Today is day 1 of week long sugar fast! I'm gonna try to avoid diet coke as well, but I'll let myself still have fruit!

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“A movie is deep when it’s about violence but not when it’s about love” is all I hear from these guys vOv

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