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Today I want to draw Edith yanking a blacksmith towards her and then kneeing them in the chin. As you can see, I’ve already been at it for awhile, but I think I have a good idea for posing now!

These gothic horror pages already take me 4 hours to ink. But I should add black spotting to make it more dramatic - An idiot

For some reason I thought pages for a gothic horror period piece would take same amount of time as all-ages cartoony action comic @___@

Today's comic is the first I've inked entirely digital. I've done it for other projects, but I wasn't 100% about this one. It is nice for deadline's sake.

No better anxiety than the tentatively turning down work anxiety

I bought a fancy staedtler mechanical pencil that holds H lead, and I’ll be real: I’m in love

I have a friend who says 'Sucks to suck' and it's one of my favourite phrases in the english language

I’m playing Far Harbour, of course I love Dima, but also he needs to CHILL OUT