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-You will read and then forget every random rant I post.
-You will donate to your nearest food shelter.
-You are an adult.
-Vote in your next elections.
-You will love me and appreciate me.
-Memento Mori.

Now that Trump is gone does this mean Cory will be back in the House again?

@kate Thanks, you made me spend money to finally buy HOI4 just so I could play Kaiserreich.

Pesterchum has a piano only version of "Homestuck" as the title screen music.
I closed it immediately, I am not ready.

Because I wanted to recommend it to people and hsivng played Night in the Woods myself I think it's something I'd like to play too

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So is the thing about Goodbye Volcano High's author and Kotaku not true? I assumed so because I didn't recall anything like that. And I would remember...

If my country could survive and overcome a facist military dictatorship and 20 years later kick a president out of office the US can survive and overcome a facist military. Being out in the streets was step 1 for us, and never leaving them. Even with the army on their side they couldnt overcome the people.

As someone whos not from the US at what point do we start organizing International Volunteer Corps, Spanish Civil War style.

what did i miss? not much, just witnessing how much more homestuck Mastodon has become lately

Victory Day Approaches, comrades. Time to kill a nazi.

The thing about having all artists as friends is that none of them have any idea about machines. Still love them tho

German articles make learning the language harder. Is it Die? Der? Still not sure. Das isn't nicht richtig

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