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Busan Babe @melaninbarbie

Retoot if you support punching Nazis😚

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@ughsadkid I'm here to bring quality toots honestly

@melaninbarbie Supporting violence against any group, no matter how despicable they might be, is still promoting violence. History shows that's not effective to achieve peace, let's try something else.

@midgard @melaninbarbie Beware of folks who begin a sentence with "history shows that...". There has been so much history that it's possible to pick out any point you like to illustrate whatever tendency you're looking for.

If history shows anything it's that humans do a lot of crazy things.

Look at me with 58 toots. Toot toot. 💨

@melaninbarbie well didn't *you* hit the ground running :) Welcome. Enjoy.

@melaninbarbie dang I had no choice but to retoot