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Melanie Gillman

I played violin in my high school’s pit orchestra, and now I’m having weird flashbacks listening to a musical soundtrack where the vocalist is constantly a fraction of a second behind the music.

Okay TECHNICALLY it’s the job of the orchestra to pace themselves with the singer but QUIT SLOWING EVERYONE ELSE DOWN, CHARLES

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Always kinda amazed when I find a review for a middle grade book that acts aghast over the book including swear words.

Lllllllike if you actually think middle schoolers have never seen or heard a swear before, I have some bad news for you

It did kinda make me want to brush up on my french revolution history again? Mostly for reasons of—okay, angry peasant mob ancestors, how DID you pull that off, not that I have any specific contemporary reasons for wanting to know of course

That Marie Antoinette movie on netflix tries really hard to get you to feel bad for the french nobility, but at the end I’m still like, nah

still team faceless peasant mob

I just found out there’s a BIGFOOT SYMPOSIUM in oklahoma next month

But it’s out in the woods, in a place I couldn’t get to without a car????


*TOO, damnit

As in “Also Too Gay To Spell, Apparently”

To Gay To Function Toots: I’m watching The Sound of Music for the first time, and got kinda emotional at the song where all the nuns sing about having a crush on Maria

That’s definitely what that song is about don’t @ me

This is an older one, but I really wanna try Fury of Dracula now too, after watching the Tabletop episode about it!! I wanna do drac stuff with my friends!!

I’m reading up about Gloomhaven, which sounds like the pinnacle of Ridiculously Long and Overcomplicated Board Games Your Friends Won’t Wanna Commit To Playing, but I still kinda waaaaaaant it ;_;

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Had a moment looking at a big building-size art installation today, thinking “I dunno how I feel about temporary art projects that just use up a lot of material and generate a lot of waste?”

then remembered *I* make *books*

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the frggn hetero dumbledore movie Show more

Me: I don’t have a coffee maker, but I bet I can use one of those silicone manatee tea infusers to make coffee!!

Manatee: ok but can u tho