I’m grateful for all the people live tweeting the hearings today, because I can’t make myself listen to Kavanaugh’s voice.

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This Death in Yellowstone book is all right, but every now and then this author guy sprinkles in weird comments like “nobody knows why this bear attacked this woman, she wasn’t menstruating or anything.”


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Oklahoma comic convention quote of the day:

A lady at my table asked what kind of comics I make, I answered LGBTQ YA comics, she her reply: “All the kids are gay these days. It’s become a fad.”

*climbs on podium* Hey, y’know how in the original stage production of The Sound of Music, Baroness Schraeder calls off her engagement with Capt Von Trapp because she wants him to be complicit in Nazism and he refuses? And then later, for the movie version, the directors replaced that scene with a subplot about two women fighting over the same man?

In my opinion, that was Bad. Thanks for listening

Superpower: extremely good at getting lots of work done on Job A as a method of procrastinating on Job B

Reading in the news this morning that Tulsa’s planning to build two new “affordable housing” buildings in my area, with the lowest rent being $800/m for a studio. W...what???

If you go by the “rent should cost 1/3 your income” rule, that means you’d have to be making $28,800 annually to afford it.

One of my favorite ~Reoccurring Themes~ on Survivor is a cop player saying “nobody can know I’m a cop, I’ll lie and tell them I’m something else” and everyone else in the game going “yeah that guy is DEFINITELY a cop”

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Also buying a better scanner for traditional media, so the time I spend doing color correction on my scans is a fraction what it used to be ;;;;;-;;;;;

Real talk: one of the most helpful things I’ve done this year is hire someone to clean up my colored pencil scans for me. (Sort of the traditional media equivalent of hiring a flatter.) It has saved me SO MUCH TIME AND STRESS ;-;

I might be a Gay Failure ‘cuz I can’t seem to get into either Carly Rae Jepson or Hayley Kiyoko.

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