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A sticky situation for our statistical stuntman, explaining why we need to aim for zero emissions.
Watch the actual stunt here: gapminder.org/85

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News Flash: Has a New Axial Boson (Possibly ) Been Discovered? No, No, No. I was tempted to blame the science journalists for the incredibly wrong articles about this, but in fact it seems entirely the fault of the scientists involved. profmattstrassler.com/2022/06/

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I just started playing some /#weiqi/#go on the Korean Tygem server (via windows VM 😢) and found that in the user context menu, next to "add a friend", it has "add a villain" 🦹

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Please teach your students to not send screenshots of error messages when asking for help. Please teach them to copy and paste the **text** of the error message (and _also_ link to their code when it is public).

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A Ukrainian medic recorded her time in Mariupol on a data card no bigger than a thumbnail. It was hidden in a tampon, and @AP@twitter.com journalists carried it through 15 Russian checkpoints to get it to the world.

Now Yuliia Paievska is in Russian hands. apne.ws/98PwPXE

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I just noticed that a Rose-Ringed Parakeet couple is nesting in a small hole under our building's rain gutter. I often see them on the opposite tree. It was cute how it was peeking out, though this doesn't come across in this blurry picture.

In case you follow my (mostly empty) blog: I bought a custom domain and now it's available at meliache.de, so if you subscribed, update your RSS/atom feed! See announcement on meliache.de/posts/2022/04/new-

Memorizing bird calls/songs is useful but intimidating, but the nice thing about Anki is that it makes it seem very managable. And the many fields of information in that duck make it easy to create my own card types via the Anki templating system.

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As someone getting interested in , but who also likes spaced-repetition learning, the "Dutch bird species" deck by @VOostelbos@twitter.com is exactly what I was looking for 🤩, I can't thank the creator enough.

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Viele verbreiten hier den Account, in dem sich angeblich die gestern in Russland nach einer Protestaktion festgenommene TV-Mitarbeiterin äußert. Der Account ist aber Fake und das kann man selbst schnell herausfinden. Nämlich so: (Thread)

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In Memoriam: Yulia Zdanovskaya, a 21-year old mathematician, was killed on March 8th, 2022 during a Russian forces attack on Kharkiv, Ukraine. In 2017, Yulia represented Ukraine at the European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad and won a silver medal at the competition.

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What's happening in Russia/Moscow rn. A pretty random thread:

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So I've had a lot of people in my life asking me, informally, whether I thought Russia would use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Here's my basic take. 1/

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We’ve received thousands of questions on the Geneva Conventions.

So, we’re going to break down the rules of war you need to know right now.

All states have signed these – and are legally obligated to follow them.

Thread 👇

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My new post is out. I wrote it several weeks ago and wasn’t hoping that it would be so timely.

It is about the risk from nuclear weapons:

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