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Melissa Avery-Weir

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Been around for a few months... Time for an !

I'm Melissa (they/them)! Some of my projects are in my bio, but in general I am and do:


/ / /

/ / / more things I'm still learning about 🤓

Don't put too much emphasis on the order of those; if I could prioritize them, I'd sleep more. 😉

My newest has been working on flowering for the last week. Today it's finally showing distinctly flower-y bits instead of just the pretty purple... sheaths. 😒 Maybe I should learn some plant words.

Giving a lunch and learn today on the fundamentals of Sass/CSS preprocessors and I'm really struggling to cut my slides down. I want to show good, useful examples on the core concepts, but not too many. I also have to show the tools (Visual Studio, Grunt). Being the teacher + advocate in the same technical talk is challenging. 🤔

Pet peeve: Orgs with a website receiving regular updates but using Facebook as their main communication platform.

I am bizarrely full of glee to have a new little tattoo that only one other person in meatspace really knows about. Hrm, maybe I should be keeping more secrets and/or shit private? 🤔

It's not *actually* a secret, but I did not share the planning or execution with the people I chat with all day, every day. 😂

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TFW you have a monthly podcast due out in two days that hasn't been recorded yet.


Two of my are making new leaves! I'm glad I got these cute little butt plants. I still hope they don't drown now that we've started our rainy season. 😰

The mastoverse, as part of an assignment for a uni subject. More visualizations soon #gephi #dataviz

In case anyone who follows me knows jack shit about reports?

Boosts very welcome. 😍

#askmastodon #music

Y'all, I am in dire need for calming music with irregular time signatures...

Can anybody help?

Boosts are very appreciated.

(I know of the list on wikipedia)
Thank you for reading.

After two glorious hours of and chatting with neighbors (all these dog owners see my garden all the time, but rarely me), it's time for one last (I hope!) chunk of work on this damn book build script. CSS + images + fonts => a temporary S3 location, and book HTML => DocRaptor for PDFing.

I think I'll try to make this some sort of packaged grunt task, I think. 🤔

"blocking someone means you're just afraid of what they are saying"

Just cause I put garbage in the dumpster doesn't mean I'm scared of garbage it means its rank and I don't want it in my house.

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I am thoroughly enjoying the geekery and cattiness of One Song Only (, which is Austin Walker, Ali Acampora, and Art Martinez-Tebbel working through a March Madness-style bracket of Kanye West music. They're both fans and critics; this is them putting aside their more professional personas to give some hot af takes on rap.


AW: "...Despite the fact that [50 Cent's] hits are just better versions of Ja Rule songs."
AMT: "Okay, two people should be mad right now."

Version: MyHomemadeCrypto v0.0.1

🇬🇧 I'm curious about where all the witches are ending up. Fill in this short survey? :) I'll blog the results! 📊

Boosts very much appreciated if you're on or you know you've got followers there. <3


🇫🇷 Où vont les sorcières? Voilà un petit sondage. :) Je vais ecrire un article des resultats! 📊

Si vous ou vos amis sont sur, les boosts sont très appréciés. <3


🐘🐺🍍 Awoo!

"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, it is not satire, it is bullying." - Terry Pratchett