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I'm Melissa (they/them)! Some of my projects are in my bio, but in general I am and do:


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I write. I . I play way too much Fallen London. I collect tattoos. I will not call posts "toots".

I like learning to be more imaginative in devising solutions to difficult problems. 🎊

🤔 I think I'll stream "Transistor" a little early this evening, for I am le tired. I'll start in about 25 minutes.

Migrating G Suite to Gmail
Have Google Home and a G Suite account and wish your calendar was accessible? Good luck waiting for Google (2+ years) or messing around with external services to bridge the gap.  An alternative is to switch back to Gmail and get it to send/receive using your personalized domain. Ugh. Unfortunately, Google seems to be sticking…[...]

For those interested, I wrote about growing #garlic a couple of years ago which I think is still quite useful:

And if you would like to try growing garlic in pots - my experiment post might be of interest:

It's one of the easiest annual veg to grow and you can sow it now.

#gardening #plants #Vegetables #GrowYourOwn

I am playing games for charity on Nov 3rd.

I am looking for games to play made by people from the #fediverse . So far I am playing games by the following peeps
@HTHR @coolpowers @Vann @larpon @melissaaveryweir @cidney @technomancy

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also, here are two (very thorough) guides for image descriptions

you don't necessarily need to be as detailed as outlined in these, but if you struggle figuring out what to say these will help!

#Accessibility #MastoArt #inktober

Do you use a #ScreenReader for #Accessibility ?

A workers co-op is looking for some folks to do some paid testing. could lead to more work in the future.

Pls boost

I finished Sunset tonight (, and the estimable @zenlucy has picked the next game I'll be playing: Prison Architect. I hope it's sufficiently subversive. 🤔 Guess we'll find out Friday night.

I grew sunflower microgreens over the last 10 days and ate my first harvest tonight. 😍🌱 I should let them grow a couple days more in the future, I think, but they were delicious. New seeds are already planted for a salad in a week or so.

lolol Just kidding. I need a stat pretty much maxed out. I knew that was too easy...

I'm moving into the next major stage of the Seeking 's Name plot in , and I'm super excited. I've got my calling card, I've sold off almost every thing I own... Now I just need actions.

Cat oats are planted! I'm hoping to figure out how to encourage them to actually eat it this time. 😔 I also got advice on that there and it might be happier soon. 😍

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