game recommendation request 

So I've been playing Subterfuge on my phone, and it's... flawed. Too simple, too real-world in the betrayal, and my friends don't like it (and I don't want to play with strangers).

But I have a real hankering for a mobile (Android or 3DS) tactics/strategy/4X game. That's a *huge* net to cast, I know, but anything from an XCOM-like (base + tactical missions) to Disgaea 2 to Endless Space 2 to a solo Subterfuge would be worth trying.

Anyone have any favs?

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game recommendation request 

Oh! And I don't mind buying a cartridge for my 3DS if the game is only available physically, although I'd prefer downloadable.

@melissaaveryweir Warbits should be on Android, isn’t quite like the others but is similar to Advance Wars if you’ve played the series.

@coffeentacos Unfortunately, it looks like they didn't release on Android. 😞 It looks like a great game, though!

@melissaaveryweir aw darn, I’m sorry. Battle of Polytopia should be on Android and I think it’s free with IAP for some factions. It’s a light Civ type game.

game recommendation request 

@melissaaveryweir I can't speak much from personal experience, but stuff I've heard good things about:
Fire Emblem Heroes
Ticket to Earth
Rebuild 3

game recommendation request 

@gregoryaveryweir Thank you! I've grabbed those to try. My hop through the trailer of Rebuild 3 made me think, "Maybe this will be the zombie game that draws me in, unlike the horrific violence of Dying Light." 😅 (Not a fair comparison, I know.)

game recommendation request 

@melissaaveryweir The Battle of Polytopia is a simplified take on the Civilization games that I go back to often.

game recommendation request 

@hache Ooh, I'm definitely trying this! It's super cute and looks right up my alley. Thank you!

@melissaaveryweir There's Fire Emblem, but it doesn't quite scratch my itch. I keep going back to Final Fantasy Tactics: Advanced on 3DS.

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