question everything, but don't forget that *things can be true*

that last part sounds wild but its important

reality is reality

#introductions Hi everyone! We're a collective of solarpunk creators from Italy. Suggesting possible sustainable futures through art and working on ways to make them real. We work with Tales From the EV to create #solarpunk and #cli-fi stories. Nice to meet you all!

I'm in the pilot eps of Tabletop Garden, a new actual play podcast hosted by @gregoryaveryweir! 😍 is the first episode, and the system in use is Mechanical Oryx, a 200-word RPG system.

There are two more eps coming from the Mechanical Oryx play session, and you can follow eps at @blog . The next story will some sort of car racing shenanigans in BESM 3, although I'm not in that cast. @zenlucy is, though, so it should be amazing.

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Okay I know ONE of you chucklefucks has changed your secret twitter display name to “female-presenting nipples.” Fess up

RIP, Tumblr. Is or some other federated blogging platform the better way to go? 🤔

(Related, and maybe the same question: is this "federated platform" movement just a fad? I don't mean "is it an imperfect solution on the way to other imperfect solutions?" but a proper bullshit fad, like a cabbage soup diet.)

a) lol rip tumblr
b) “female presenting nipples” is the funniest shit i’ve ever read with my eyes

hey i'm looking for #queer #romance novels. preferably by and with trans lesbians and like fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction are cool.
i really liked Tengoku by Rae D. Magdon and like some short stories.

In an hour I'll be streaming @mikebithell 's Quarantine Circular as part of Future Proof Games's ongoing series of cool game streams! It's a short, narrative game, so I plan to play the whole thing. Join us!

@tsu Aw, thank you! Let me know what you think if you end up playing it. 😄

"Equilinox" looks like such a cute game! It's new, but has anyone around here played it yet?

(I mean, it raises the usual questions about embodying someone who controls and manipulates nature's for their own pleasure, but.)

🙆🏾‍♀️ My copy of Thorny Games' "Dialect" arrived today! This is definitely one of the most beautiful role-playing books I've ever owned.

Playing Shelter 2 this weekend was a damn journey--I was stunned by the cuteness and beauty, then disappointed with the lack of story, then sad about my adult babbies departing, then near tears at the possibility that the lynx accompanying me at the end was the child I lost. I felt satisfied and satiated at the end, but also done with the game.

But a day or two later, I'm thinking about doing a playthrough where everyone survives, now that I understand the mechanics better. 😭

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