You encounter something in a parking lot one night.

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on cis folks voicing support for trans folx (2/2) Show more

on cis folks voicing support for trans folx (1/2) Show more

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Hey for anyone who struggles to remember to take their meds Calendula is an awesome free libre open source Android app that makes sure I take my titty skittles everyday.

Calendula (Medication management made easy) -

I don't know why people see parentheses as a down side to writing LISP

a sky full of stars is surprisingly hard to draw!

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@jernone I'm only a couple hours in at this point. I'm loving the slow unfolding of their relationship and her/my own subversive acts!

I'm tied up on a day job upgrade/deployment tonight, so I don't think I'm going to be able to stream tonight. 😭 I was hoping to experience more of "Sunset"!

meditating on this cat picture to hopefully absorb some of its peaceful energy

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there ain't no party like a sprintf party
'cause a sprintf party don't stop�5P�ۙ��#bV*��d����@w��Ռ-.`�t �c߁��i��EzC8vދ�t�H��V�n�

Holy crap, we beat Full Metal Furies. It was very satisfying, and the game is solidly in my top 10. 😤 We'll probably come back and play new game+, but now we get to try to find another good co-op game. 😰

I'm live on twitch! Come hang out with me while I play Full Metal Furies:

I was going to stream tonight, but I've fallen into the Friends at the Table post-mortem. Full Metal Furies in the morning, I think (about 12 hours from now). Maaaaybe we'll finish it? Hell if I know what we'll play next, though.

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