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If guaranteed minimum income and universal healthcare were a thing, I think so many of my programmer colleagues would immediately take low-income sabbaticals to write high-quality good-ui users-first free and open source software that it would inspire tedious "how was it possible?!?" medium dot com thinkpieces for years and years

💃 The 15th episode of my podcast with @gregoryaveryweir dropped today! Sometimes I'm still surprised we've been doing this for over a year.

Hey so, there's been a bit of a kerfuffle with Patreon lately after a terms of service change that threatens all sex workers

There's now an open letter to Patreon to please not do that

The idea of folks losing their livelihood overnight for reasons I cannot see as justified is terrifying, and there's no Patreon alternative either.

Mastodon users, new and old:

You can add a caption, or alt-text, to images you toot!

These captions make your toots more accessible, by giving people who can't see the image a description of what's in the image.

Just hover over the image over you attach it and type a description in the spot that says "Describe for the visually impaired" before you hit the TOOT! button.

Please also encourage Mastodon app authors to add caption functionality. And please boost. Thanks!

The problem with learning something new, interesting, and complex (A/B testing) is trying to evaluate whether a source is correct or worth paying attention to. Companies like Optimizely obviously want to sell a product. But there's also this, which sounds smart and well-thought out, but is it? 🤷‍♀️

Women: it’s bias
Men: no but lean in and try harder and be better like us
Sensor study: yeah it’s bias, eh

↪ A Study Used Sensors to Show That Men and Women Are Treated Differently at Work

How did I not post this?! I deployed the new Granny Squares design on Friday (afternoon, evening... night): I'm excited to see how usage tracks over the next month.

I'm investigating how I could run light A/B testing on some elements of the design. Nothing weird or creepy, but testing for ease-of-use if I move or relabel some things. I use , but I admit I don't want to pay $230 for their A/B testing plugin. I already donate to them regularly, so that feels steep.

Today's #inktober x #mahoutober: Idol! 🎶

I won't be reuploading all my previous inktobers now but I'm thinking about maybe making a (digital?) zine at the end, so if you don't wanna dig through my Twitter for them but want to see them all hold out for that!😊

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As a long-time fan of #strategy #videogames, I'm becoming more and more aware of the fact they are a channel through which the predominant, hierarchical and capitalist worldview is delivered to teenagers and young adults around the world.

What if, for a change, we developed a strategy game where #cooperation and mutual help are rewarded, instead of conquest, exploitation and wealth extraction? Would such a game be boring, or fun to play?

All my Granny Square Colors work recently has paid off and I'm scheduling the release!

Y'all... this deployment is going to be awful. Please never let me do this to myself again. I've compiled one of those shameful "deployment notes" text files full of CLI commands and DB queries. 😭 I don't even think I can let Jenkins put its paws on this, deployment-wise.

Shared this on the birdsite, thought I might share it here too (if by some fluke you've not seen it already).

A fantastic summary of how fucked Twitter is, and just a good read, especially if you feel like dancing on Twitter's bones.

"One Person's History of Twitter from Beginning to End" by Mike Monteiro

yo gamedevs and gameingdevs of mastodon! check out accessajam, an accessability-themed weeklong jam from november 3 to november 9!

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