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:blobpats: Turns out I'm just as quiet on Mastodon as I am elsewhere on social media.

So I'm working on a project to catalog every lesbian film ever and draw reviews of them. It was originally on patreon, but I've collected the comics in a PDF now for sale here: Check it out, support queer creators. 😉

I see people being like "I dont want to flood the timeline with..."
LISTEN. I am here to see all your art, even your silly sketches. I am here for reading your work rants, your video game excitement, what you had for dinner, all y'all personalities. It's not bothering me, I LIVE FOR THIS

So... @chuckwendig is here on Mastodon. 🖖 (Go follow him. He is smart and amusing.) I think there are only about 5 more people I want to see here before I'm 100% done with Twitter.

Three things I don't know enough about: Docker, web apps that aren't using standard servers (I think), and SSL:

I know it sounds frustrating when you can't exist in a space because it's not for you, but... can't you accept that? Sorry, but not everything is for the majority of people. It's a side effect of the painful, marginalizing society we live in.

For all the talk about empathy in design, I want designers to understand this. Similarly to tools that get lampooned as "lazy" when they're really aimed at people with differing physical abilities, they're just not for able-bodied people – and that's okay.

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@melissaaveryweir And if you've built the habit of taking meds with, say, breakfast, but you have a bad day and can't eat breakfast, it's easy to forget the meds bc the schedule disruption messes with the habit.

Also, executive dysfunction is a bigger problem for mental health patients in taking meds that either not wanting to be well or thinking we are well.

@melissaaveryweir It's pretty universal. A lot of it is just the usual challenge of building new habits. That's why things like the week-of-meds boxes are so helpful.

But something that I think health care providers forget is anyone dealing with chronic symptoms is going to have reduced mental function. Working through pain or ignoring discomfort or working around asthma takes up some of your mental bandwidth, so you have less mental bandwidth for things like remember to take your new meds.

I hadn't realized that it was so difficult to get patients to take meds on schedule across the board. I knew that was a thing in having a mental illness--the very condition often undercuts one's interest in being well or gives a false sense of wellness--but heart attack patients? Oof.

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I was thinking some people find math hard (I do) but find it even harder to implement in programming, I want to make a short book on implementing and solving equations in programming.

Shipping software is all about finding who makes a cute relationship even if they have a rivalry for instance you can ship photoshop with gimp and write erotic fanfic about what they get up to

I think I've finally found the way to to satisfy my ultimate drive to make a chat bot do everything for me at Future Proof Games without needing days of development for each type of thing. 👌

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