I'm a Berlin-based entrepreneur and am new to Mastodon.

My larger goal is to replace all creepy social services, such as:

• Twitter to Mastodon ✅
• GMail to ProtonMail
• Google Calendar to ProtonCalendar
• WhatsApp to Telegram
• Facebook to WT:Social
• Google Drive to ProtonDrive/NextCloud
• Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox

Anyone has similar ambitions or achieved the same?

@mellifluousbox Yep, that's good goal. And Youtube for Invidious . Here in Mastodon Is an account that share alternatives to all that dangerous software. I'll share it with you if don't know it yet. But first I have to find again that profile, this is my second account Here, the first one was deleted by me.

@nosocialperson Nice meeting you! Very curious about that account you're referring to – I appreciate you're taking the time 😊

@mellifluousbox nice to meet you too :blobcatcoffee:
Sure, Let me find that account and I'll share it to you. And don't worry, exchange ideas is always a pleasure.


Thanks for pointing this out. Although I' lacking the technical knowledge to come to this conclusion myself, I am well aware that is far from perfect, especially their shady organisational structure.

My main (personal) argument for using Telegram over, say, is market penetration. If I really want to get rid of /Fb Messenger, I need to be able to chat with contacts somewhere else. I would say that ~70% of my regular contacts have Telegram by now.

@mellifluousbox changing our use back to #openweb has to start somewere. Signal is a gold #4opens project so if we cant start here we might as well just stay inside the #dotcons

Basic stuff

@mellifluousbox since you're based in Berlin, also take a look at - support your local communities 😉

@mellifluousbox I've done similar, although I've used Mailcow to set up my own email and NextCloud to provide my own calendar. But otherwise, yes.

@mellifluousbox Fwiw, I don't use Telegram, I use a Rocket.Chat I host for some communities, but otherwise I just use Signal.


Thanks for your feedback! I feel like I'm not technical enough to set up my own mail server (yet) so @protonmail is pretty attractive with the whole suite they already have or are planning (@ProtonCalendar @protonvpn).

I also feel like @signalapp would be the slightly better choice than in terms of privacy but Telegram's product team is just so freaking fast and great in communicating new features etc.

@mellifluousbox @lightweight@mastodon.nzoss.n also already comes with all these features (except for VPN).
But they also provide their users with an #XMPP account, that they can use with #Conversations (Android) or #Monal/#Siskin (iOS) as a Telegram replacement.

@mellifluousbox if you're using Pocket for storing web pages for offline reading, there's a nice free alternative called @wallabag

As for messenger, here's a good discussion on the @privacytools blog:

@lenzgr @privacytools Thanks for the link and for making me aware of @wallabag. I do indeed use Pocket.

Would you say that Pocket is "safe" to use since Mozilla bought it?

@mellifluousbox @privacytools @wallabag I was not aware that Mozilla Corporation acquired Pocket. Interesting. But as of today, it is still a proprietary service. It's probably worth checking their policy to learn more about what kind of data they collect about you and the articles you read.

@mellifluousbox I am - slowly. I also think @kev blogged on the topic a while ago.

@mellifluousbox I would recommend to use posteo and/or nextcloud services instead of Proton*. They integrate way better with external entities. Totally support you, however, even if you use Proton services - they are still better than Big Five's services :)

@alexcleac Hi, thanks for pointing this out. This has been dawning on me already as well... For example I'm not even sure you can sync your proton contacts with your phone. Will definitely try to host my own @nextcloud server and then look into it.

@mellifluousbox Try Tutanota for mail? I think they have implemented a calendar, too

Except the fact that I still uses WhatsApp:
- I never had a Twitter account
- I never had a Facebook account
- I never had an Instagram or Pinterest account, or any shit of this kind
- I never used Google drive or Dropbox
- I never had installed Google chrome but Chromium. But I uninstalled it some months ago. Forcing me to use snap was too much. And I love Firefox.

I do almost everything with my Nextcloud instance to be honest.

@cedricbonhomme That's great to hear! It makes your life much easier than mine 😅 It takes a real dedicated effort to make the move and the moving costs are also not insignificant; I guess it's always going to be more comfortable to stay within the bubble of surveillance capitalism.

If I have to set a goal. A challenge for me would be to close my Google account and GitHub account.
Recently my google account saved my ass because I needed to remove a website from the google safe browsing filter. Good luck without a Google account.

@mellifluousbox Congratulations! I've achieved the same, though different services, and many self-hosted.


> My larger goal is to replace all creepy social services, such as:
• Twitter to Mastodon ✅
• GMail to ProtonMail
• Google Calendar to ProtonCalendar

I went through a similar transition a while back, but eventually decided that ProtonMail isn't a great fit—they don't really let you own your own data/emails and, after using them for a while, I'm not convinced their security is really any better.

I've now switched to migadu and am much happier with my setup.

Just my $0.02


Good intention, here my suggestions:

Twitter to Mastodon :ivoted:
GMail to :ivoted:
+ calendar thru WebdDav :ivoted:
GMail to is also 1st choice in mail and Has Xmpp like Conversation and it is for free :ivoted:
Whatsapp to Conversations (old version) :ivoted:
Google Drive to Nextcloud (Selfhosting) :ivoted:
Nextcloud Calendar (will reduce the tools) :ivoted:
Google Chrome to Firefox :ivoted:

Go and start with Mail.

@HackWan Thanks for the suggestions. I will give a try.

@mellifluousbox Been going through a similar process. Nextcloud has been working super great as a calendar and contact solution, as well as for file transfers and photo backup from my phone. Firefox is a great browser these days. All my peers are on Telegram now, so almost never need SMS. Use my own domain with ProtonMail; is pretty good and I can pretty easily switch since it is my own domain.

Good luck on your journey!

@thor That's really reassuring to hear it worked for you :)

@mellifluousbox had a neat list a while ago. Sadly, they disappeared and no one knows where. You'd be able to find the archived pages on*/switchin

@prasoon @mellifluousbox I think popped up as a result of switching dot social going down. Haven’t compared the two but might be of interest

Well I am on the way doing the same but for the most part I still use the old services like Twitter.

one thing I already did is switching from GCalendar to Nextcloud, DavX5 and Simple Calendar and from MS Office to Onlyoffice integrated with my nextcloud.
Also I selfhost my own rss reader and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Hi, @mellifluousbox ! Just noticed this post was about one year old. How is it going with all of this? :)

Hi @alex ! Thanks for asking.

My Gmail account is still active, I guess I should close it down as Protonmail has a good import feature by now.

Development of ProtonCalendar has been slower than I hoped unfortunately.

Switch to Telegram has thankfully almost happened due to their pretty mainstream adoption with my friends :)

WT:Social - not sure this is still / already a thing?

What does your "communication software stack" look like? @alex

@mellifluousbox To be honest I never heard of WT:Social.

Myself I am not really burning any bridges, I just don't use bridges I don't like anymore :) I still have Facebook and Instagram accounts but didn't log in for a couple years. I use Gmail for some non-sensitive mail but moving everything important to my own mail server.

By the way it is great to have your own domain and mail for it. Having your own server can be too overwhelming even for geeky people but if you own just domain name you can use it with many services and be free to migrate if something goes wrong.

All my social networking is now on Fediverse, currently it is Friendica.

I dropped all music subscriptions and moved to Funkwhale - free music streaming platform.

For IM I use whatever I have to but try to use free alternatives where applicable - it is Matrix, XMPP and DeltaChat. Deltachat is absolutely great in my opinion, I wish people used it more - it allows to use email as transport for secure messaging. Which means you can use almost any mail service for that. Even Gmail - everything is encrypted inside anyway.

Also I dropped Dropbox, TickTick (todo and reminders) and various note taking apps in favor of Nextcloud. It works well. By the way now some providers offer managed Nextcloud hosting which means you don't have to install and maintain your own - and it isn't expensive.

One thing I can't make myself say goodbye yet is Google Photos. It just works too well and the image search and automatic tagging are great. There are no free alternatives for this sadly. There are plenty of solutions to backup your photos but none of them allow you to just go on vacation with GPS tagging enabled and a few years later say "Hey, show me my photos from Istanbul" or "Show me seagulls" :)

@mellifluousbox Check out XMPP, Delta Chat and Threema as alternatives to Whatsapp.

@mellifluousbox great to see your initiative - it's the right direction to be moving for sure. For what it's worth, I've transitioned away from all of those (but Facebook, due, unfortunately, to the Network Effect it enjoys), but to slightly different destinations... I went Gmail/GCal->MailCow/SOGo/Thunderbird & NextCloud Calendar, WhatsApp->Signal. I make extensive use of NextCloud (with OnlyOffice & Collabora Office) & Firefox. Fans of open & personal autonomy are spoiled for choice!

@mellifluousbox The same even i'm thinking on buy a deGoogleliced phone even i hate microsoft and specially APPLE.
i use linux as well and i hate that new programs be developted on C i'd rather Rust

@mellifluousbox nice to see this post. Good luck with your migration. Greetings, at the moment I am an avid Telegram user since years.

@mellifluousbox ... That is to say, here's a guy who does exactly that. He sent me this post when I was chatting with him about still using Discord because of people I can't convince to join me on fedi or matrix.

@mellifluousbox my main input: use matrix (e.g. with Element) instead of telegram. It‘s open to the world instead of just another data collection silo. Per default a telegram conversation is UNencrypted. Group chats never are encrypted.

@mellifluousbox hi, you can visit, there are a lot of alternatives to privative services.

@mellifluousbox here it was a few years ago <insert mail provider> to own postfix/Dovecot Mailserver to #mailcow this year. Also there is <insert cloud drive> to Nextcloud, also running since own cloud 9 and at some point migrated to Nextcloud. 🤔 on the rest i slowly work.

@mellifluousbox There is a plethora of awesomeness out there

Just a few examples

Sie leben in Berlin und sprechen vermutlich auch deutsch

Anbei die Empfehlungen von Herrn Kuketz. Sehr cool imho

@mellifluousbox Falls Sie Hilfe in den Einsteg mit Linux brauchen, melden Sie sich gerne bei mir und herzlich willkommen auf Mastodon.

All credits go to the wonderfull people in the fediverse

@nemo wow, vielen Dank! In der Tat würde ich liebend gern auf dein Angebot zu Linux zurückkommen :) Ich schicke eine PM!

@mellifluousbox Gerne ;) Ich liebe es mein Linux Wissen mit allen zu teilen die dies wünschen! 👍

@mellifluousbox Good luck on that. 🙂 I've mostly so far replaced services that are easy-to-replace (mostly everything that doesn't involve collaboration or decisions made by others). So, calendar, file hosting, ... is an easy target. Social networks and messengers are by far more difficult. And I have largely given up on browsers, to be honest, as there seems no "good" solution here, only some that are better or worse depending on your actual priorities. 😐

Nice to See your activity.
But ne aware that Telegramm have no security and Signal don't work without Google.
So my propsal is Matrix, which have at least Interfaces to Telegramm.

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