Don’t use Google, use DuckDuckGo
Don’t use Gmail, use Tutanota
Don’t use Zoom, use Jitsi
Don’t use GoogleDrive, use Nextcloud
Don’t use Google Auth, use Aegis Auth.
Don’t use Twitter, use Mastodon
Don’t use Instagram, use Pixelfed
Don’t use WhatsApp, use Telegram
Don’t use Play store, use F-Droid
Don’t use Chrome, use Firefox
Don’t use MS Office, use LibreOffice
Don’t use Windows, use Linux
Don’t buy Bitcoin, buy Monero

Privacy comes first. Defend yourself against tracking and surveillance.

@mels my only objection is: Don’t use WhatsApp, use Signal. Telegram uses non-free software in the server-side

@dogacandu Yes, you’re right. Telegram client is open source but the server side isn't. I’m aware of that. At least there is Telegram-FOSS. I heard they have removed the binaries. It's also the version you can find on F-Droid. Although Signal is way more secure, I can not see anyone using it :)

@mels Telegram doesn't really provide any privacy improvements, except not *having* to share your phone number with everyone (it's still required!)

@mels I would recommend against telegram over whatsapp, it is not encrypted by default, and their encryption is unproven and homemade. Signal is superior on almost every front, they still need to work on not requiring a phone number, but aside from that they have no real concerns (and they do not save your phone number on the server side anyway)

@GLaDTheresCake @f0x @schratze I’m aware that Telegram have some issues. Client is open source while the server isn’t. Maybe I should have written Telegram-FOSS, the version on F-Droid. Yes, nothing compares to signal but, It’s not widely used, unfortunately there are few people there. well don't use Telegram, use Signal or Element

Everthing else seems ok tho ! (Even if i chose protonmail over tutanota)

@mels i agree with everything, but not with that telegram thing.

@mels Internxt is a good alternative for NextCloud too.

@paulkater Yeah, looks good. Thanks for introducing it to me :)

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